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  1. THANK YOU, Joao!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sharon
  2. I agree! I have played it about 40 million times too, already...to the point where I am going to have to be careful that I don't make myself sick of it!! LOL!! I only have one track on there that I am lukewarm to...and that is Caligulove. I could take it or leave it, altho it is not a BAD song, it just doesn;t do it for me the way the others do. Right now I would have to sya my 2 FAVE tracks are Mind Eraser, No CHaser, and Reptiles. I guess I must have missed threads on here where people have been talking about this new album?? Because I can't for a minute imagine there hasn't been an
  3. Hi Strider! Oh good--so you heard the show at the same disadvantage as most of the rest of us...LOL!!! i.e. not having heard the CD first. Altho, I must admit, I had watched enough on YT before I went that I did have at least a familiarity with all but 2 songs they played. Best-- Sharon
  4. That's so funny, because when my hubby and I saw them at HOB Boston, it was one of our fave songs of the night, and we were disappointed that it didn't make the CD. Oh---and thanks to who posted the links to it above in this thread!!!!!!!! Sharon PS--anyone here able to make mp3's off these Highway One vids?? Sorry--I am a techno moron.....
  5. Glad you guys had such a good time. Strider--great posts (I enjoyed your account of getting to the Roxy, JUST in time!!). You guys are now in the interesting position of having been able to hear the CD before the show. I LOVED them in Boston, but it is sure interesting to hear the CD/studio versions of all these songs now. LOVE LOVE LOVE the disc!!!!! Have been playing it with the knob ripped off- can't believe my poor car has any windows left in it. LOL! Sharon
  6. I agree that at first I had wondered about the combo of those 3, but after watching the movie (3 times! ), I have to say they picked a GREAT combination together. They all brought something good to the table. I'll bet U2 was amazing!---what did you think of the concert?? Sharon
  7. Hi BUK! Well, i care. Thanks for sharing this!!--I had NO idea Alain Johannes helped write this song...MOST interesting!!!!!!!! And for a movie song, i actually thought it was quite good. And of course, Adam KILLED the vocals, as he always does. He sounds great!! Sharon PS--and yes, Idol IS one of my guilty pleasures. Thanks to that guilty pleasure, I have an addiction to David Cook, too...like I needed any more after Zeppelin, Bowie, etc.... LOL!!
  8. Hope you were able to find the movie (but NOT the bottle rockets!). Let me know when you do ever get to see it what you think of it!! Sharon
  9. Hi buck"eye"doc! Glad you liked the movie!!!! Take it your husband isn't a big music/JP fan?!!? LOL!! It's funny how everyone has a different take on Jack White--I guess he is a bit of a polarizing figure. I didn't know that much about him before the movie (I mean, I knew the White Stripes/Raconteurs/etc etc, but didn't know much about him or his background). I actually gained a HUUUGE amount of respect for him, and just loved him in the movie--he was totally cracking me up in many parts. LOVE the fact that he has done his "homework" in the blues....I don't think there is as much of
  10. Hi ZFF!! How the heck are ya?!?!! I hope IMGL is showing in Sacramento and that you can see it soon! You will love it, I am sure. I think it is so well done, and gives me new respect for Jack White and The Edge, too. I was going to go for my 4th time this weekend but other circumstances didn't allow for that, so may go some night this week. Maybe I will go on thursday night, and then take the poster home with me. The theater owner has already promised me the movie poster when the run is over, so figured if I went Thursday I could "multitask"--watch the movie one more time AND pick
  11. I'd have to say first and foremost the riffs...but also just the whole alchemy/magic of the whole band/songs they made together. Sharon
  12. Me too...saw him in April..he is REALLY at the top of his game these days!!!! Concert was AMAZING. Sharon
  13. I can certainly understand all your reasons for waiting for it to come out on DVD. But...may I gently encourage you to see this on the big screen?? You won't regret it!!!!!!!! Sharon (<---3 viewings so far....and counting!! )
  14. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? Holy cow!!!!!!! Sharon
  15. Hi! I know the part you are talking about--geez, you'd think I'd have all the lines memorized after seeing it 3 times now!! LOL!! But JP is talking about music/the guitar, and saying something to the effect that he's not sure if it came to him, or he came to it, but at any rate he doesn't care. If I see it again this weekend, I'll try and get you the exact quote!! Am I the record holder in these boards for who has seen it the most?!? LOL!! All the best-- Sharon
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