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  1. Seeing David Cook tomorrow night at MGM Grand at Foxwoods (Ct.). Sharon
  2. Sounds good! I will wait for more details. Sharon Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!
  3. Hi aen! As you could tell by my previous post in this thread, I LOVED this movie!!!!!!!!! And Johnny was GREAT as a bank robber (Dillinger was not a gangster--he was a bank robber). But then again, I have never seen anything he did where his acting is anything less thsn stellar...even when i hated the movie itself (<-- can you say "Sweeny Todd"?!? ). ALl the acting was good as I had said--Christian Bale was amazing, too! Again I have to say---LOVEd this movie and am thinking of seeing it again before it leaves the theaters! Sharon
  4. Hey ZFF!!!!!! Did you go see these guys (Styx) on July 17th as you had said you were going to?? Just wondering what you thought if you did go.... Hope your trip to see family was fun overall!! Sharon
  5. Thanks danelectro! I did not know that he didn't get high marks. Oh, well, I sure still enjoy listening to him!!!! Sharon
  6. Saw Public Enemies last night--_AWESOME!! Superb acting, by the as-always brilliant Mr. Johhny Depp, but Christian Bale was equally brilliant!!!! Really liked this movie--go see it!! Sharon
  7. Hey you know what i forgot to ask....what does JP think of Robin Trower as a guitar player? I am sure everyone on the planet knows the answer to this question except for me...thanks for obliging!! Sharon
  8. Ev---no not in real estate. I am a holistic veterinarian. savethelastdance....Paradise Theater was good--and these days, Styx still rocks as hard or harder than they ever have! Sharon PS--of course, these days, I like the whole 2 degrees of separation thing, with Ricky Phillips in the band now (bass) that used to play bass with Jimmy Page in Coverdale/Page!! So---a kinda Led Zep connection these days in Styx...well, certainly a JP connection!!!!
  9. I am in Rhode Island..where "East Coast" did you mean? Sharon
  10. zosodude 13-- Hey I don't remember that pirate ship in the ice cube--I guess I'm going to have to look at that again!! Sharon
  11. I agree about Man in the Wilderness!!! Sharon
  12. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, take solace in the fact that they not only lost you with Mr Roboto and Dennis' stage show production idea, but they also lost Tommy (Shaw) as well. Hence the ultimate demise of the band at that time. And you named my all time fave song of theirs..Crystal Ball. Sharon
  13. Hi ZFF!! Nice to talk to you again, and hope all is well with you as well. WOW--what a cool trip you have planned, with lots of family around/etc..sounds like an AWESOME time! I would recommend to try and stay at least sober enough for the concert that you remember it, as I do not think you will be dissapointed! Don't forget your sunglasses to help against those really bright lights they have now for their show! LOL! I can't wait to hear what you think after you see it..please let me know! Sharon
  14. Saw STYX (with REO) this past Sunday night, and they are kickin' ass harder than ever. They have also added a spectacular light show to the whole tour (just wish i'd brought my sunglasses! LOL!!). For anyone that was ever a fan or is curious as to what they sound like these days, I highly recommend it......very high-energy show; makes for a fun evening!! Sharon
  15. OK, well that makes more sense!! Actually I thought you were probably kidding, but it is so hard to tell sometimes with e-mail/internet things/etc etc.... And I'll bet Steely Dan was great too...you've had a good concert week!!! All the best-- Sharon
  16. Vocals?!? The show I saw was only instrumental...and was really brilliant!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed the show you saw, too!! Sharon
  17. OMG! I used to LOVE Robin Trower..had Bridge of Sighs...but alas all of my vinyl is gone (long story..). And I never replaced that or some of his other ones that I had. Thank you for reminding me of him, and for the great YT links!!!! Geez, he still sounds just as good!! Still LOVE BRidge of Sighs...sounds so good after not hearing it for so many years. Thanks again for starting this thread! Sharon
  18. Hi Diana-Loura! It's so funny--I had been wondering lately where you had been!! Nice to see you back here again. Sharon
  19. Yes it is the same lineup as on the Ronnie Scott DVD. You and Humbucker are going to LOVE IT!!! I had the good fortune of seeing him in April, and I STILL can't get over how amazing it all was...one of the best concerts I have ever seen!! Let me know how you like it!! Sharon
  20. Loved this pic!! You must have loved stumbling upon this in person..In Budapest, no less!!! Sharon
  21. LOVE these 3 pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting them! Sharon
  22. I just want to say a big HI to everyone, and tell you all how MUCH I appreciate all your pics/posts. I look at them EVERY night to re-charge myself. I just wish I was techno-literate enough to contribute to the pics. Until that day comes, however, I want to at least say THANK YOU!! again, and wave hi to everyone!! Love to all Pagettes-- Sharon
  23. Now that is funny!! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing. Sharon
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