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  1. LadyRaven

    Jimmy's Pants

    I'll give it a try. I'm not sure if I can get it to work with my stupid dial up.
  2. I like his early look. I agree with Suz on that option! Jimmy in a bed sheet.
  3. LadyRaven

    Doctor Jimmy

    That hat is hilarious and it does look like he nicked it from some old grandma, the sort that walks down the street with the huge handbag. Although it does look better than the ones they make you wear Stateside, they look kind of like a board glued to a bathing cap.
  4. LadyRaven

    Jimmy and JPJ

    It's really nice they can get out together even though they don't have Percy with them. I love seeing those new pictures.
  5. I have quite a few dreams where Jimmy shows up. The last one I had Jimmy showed up in one of my classes at university and takes a seat and starts listening the boring lecture. Later after class I follow him into the men's room and start kissing him.
  6. LadyRaven

    Jimmy's Pants

    Those are real pictures. I have them larger, but I can't post them here. Photobucket doesn't even let you have them in your album there.
  7. Happy birthday. I hope you have a great day. :beer:
  8. LadyRaven

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Oh wow, when I seen where his hand was I.......
  9. LadyRaven

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    To bad it isn't larger, it's so beautiful. A better look at those lovely eyes would be real nice.
  10. I might be back for awhile... maybe. Ricky wants me to come back.
  11. LadyRaven

    Jimmy's Pants

    Everything is fine thank you. It's just that I've grown a bit fed up with this place. I've been kind of taking some time away for awhile.
  12. LadyRaven

    Jimmy's Pants

    Not a bad view. I bet Jimmy didn't like the pic though. He use to think he had a big bum.
  13. For me it's more like lectures. It doesn't take long for a boring professor in an early morning class to put me to sleep.
  14. OMG! That's so adorable. Leave it to Harper, he's a great guy. That's always how I imagined him looking.
  15. Friday 2:38 am. I really need to go to bed.
  16. No cavities today at the dentist
  17. Life is what you make it.
  18. LadyRaven

    Wall Posters

    I have a giant sized 70's era poster of the Zep II cover on my wall now. My uncle gave it to me a few years back.
  19. I'm not mad at you. Everyone has dark times in their life and they're something that just can't be shoved into a closet and forgotten about.
  20. I passed chemistry and got really good grades in all my other classes.
  21. LadyRaven

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Haven't been around here in awhile. I'm glad to see this thread is still going and happy to see some pics I haven't seen yet.
  22. It's nice when people give you old records for nothing. The woman who was in charge of the second hand store I worked at last summer gave me records for free. They only sold them for 25 cents but she said they wouldn't miss a quarter here and there so she just let me have them. Then I had an old guy who was having a yard sale and he let me take as many as I wanted for free because his wife was the organ player at church and didn't want her son's satanic music in her house.
  23. There use to be a shop that sold records in my town but they went out of business last year then there's another place that sells CD's and records but their selection is really bad. I guess I'll have to wait until people start having yard sales again, I got a whole box of decent records from one awhile back.
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