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  1. Oh wow, when I seen where his hand was I.......
  2. To bad it isn't larger, it's so beautiful. A better look at those lovely eyes would be real nice.
  3. I might be back for awhile... maybe. Ricky wants me to come back.
  4. Friday 2:38 am. I really need to go to bed.
  5. No cavities today at the dentist
  6. I passed chemistry and got really good grades in all my other classes.
  7. Haven't been around here in awhile. I'm glad to see this thread is still going and happy to see some pics I haven't seen yet.
  8. Finishing more than half of my chemistry study guide and seeing where I could possibly working this summer- right on the river near by where I live, it's really beautiful.
  9. He's still just as beautiful as he's ever been.
  10. I'm going to be very late for chem. At times like this I really wish I had a car.
  11. Yeah, but I know people who use them in actual conversation and it sounds stupid.
  12. People who contastly say 'like' 'like omg' or people who use text messaging abreviations when talking- idk, lol.
  13. There's a link to the adress in my sig below the cat picture.
  14. The thing is I can't post them here, we use to have a thread for it but it was deleted. I have mine on my myspace.
  15. What about cats? For awhile didn't you want one?
  16. Maybe she's watching it for someone? Guinea pigs are so funny.
  17. Any of you interested in naughty Jimmy stories?
  18. The postcard design project for my printing class.
  19. Go take a really hot steamy bath, maybe that will help?
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