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  1. Your work is great! I love it!
  2. Thanks to Ross for these beautiful pictures
  3. He is SO beautiful Here are some more pictures:
  4. Miar

    Roberts Jeans

    Here is two pictures:
  5. Miar

    Roberts Jeans

    I love this picture.. If someone here wants to get the same t-shirt as Robert you can get one here : http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/dt/bobby-and...P0014-T-MR.html
  6. Lots of Yardbirds-pictures here: http://www.photofeatures.com/yardbirds/index.html
  7. His mouth,hair, smile, eyes, hands, chest, his sence of humor, and the way he plays the guitar
  8. I`ll start: A very young Jimmy is also cute
  9. Its on paper, but the paper is in a bad quality. I`ll redraw them when I get a better paper, or some canvas or something like that . Glad you like them
  10. Heres some of mine: I`ll remaster the last one one day because I like that one the best. I just have to get me some good paper and pencils first
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