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  1. Miar

    Jimmy's Pants

    Some more "pants"-pics:
  2. Your work is great! I love it!
  3. Go Jeffrey Your videos from the show are the best!
  4. Thanks to Ross for these beautiful pictures
  5. He is SO beautiful Here are some more pictures:
  6. Miar

    Roberts Jeans

    Here is two pictures:
  7. Miar

    Roberts Jeans

    I love this picture.. If someone here wants to get the same t-shirt as Robert you can get one here : http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/dt/bobby-and...P0014-T-MR.html
  8. I love the Gibson Standard Les Paul and the Danelectro 3021
  9. Lots of Yardbirds-pictures here: http://www.photofeatures.com/yardbirds/index.html
  10. I think Stairway and Whole Lotta Love...
  11. His mouth,hair, smile, eyes, hands, chest, his sence of humor, and the way he plays the guitar
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