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  1. Mystery solved, now we know where Jimmys fedora came from 4/10/77 amazing pics
  2. Sick Again kicks butt and Zep usually nailed it. Its a great high energy number that also summed up life on the road for them. Perfect fit. Although its a great version, Sick Again at Knebworth seemed kinda shoehorned in the setlist. Seemed out of place where it was.
  3. Jimmy has for the last 20 years been all about Zeps legacy. I have to believe Jimmy would want Live Zep at their absolute peak as part of that legacy. I still am hopeful for Japan 71 set, his playing is simply stunning, the whole band was just on fire.
  4. I like Mr Jimmy Sakurai, he's very good. I just wish he was a bit more reckless with his playing, Jimmy ALWAYS played on the absolute edge of his ability, taking chances constantly.
  5. To a lesser extent, Jimmy employs this effect on "Wanna Make Love" from Outrider towards end of song. Jimmy screwed down the plate on his Strats so the whammy bar could only go down, which is unusual. Maybe this contributes to his achievement of this effect.
  6. I’d love to hear it, too. Im sure Jimmy has a recording of those rehearsals.
  7. The only song Zep ever used a click track on was Carouselambra
  8. I don’t understand how anyone could think Black Dog solo doesn’t fit or work. Its effing amazing and one of his best !! wtf
  9. Non essential coulda been any drummer, really. 🙄
  10. Not doubting anything OP stated about pic, but is it possible this is another date in New Orleans? They stayed there earlier in tour (May) right ?
  11. The 80 US Tour would’ve been a repeat of 77 A chunk of great shows in LA & NY mostly average shows in places like Dallas handful of clunkers in places like Detroit or Indianapolis can you imagine the HYSTERIA Zep would’ve encountered at the LA Forum in early 81 after a 4 year absence? The band would’ve risen to that occasion.
  12. I don’t personally buy the “ Plant phoning it in” story line. Listen to his efforts in Zurich, Frankfurt, his comments in Brussels, Munich, dude was having fun. Sometimes the audiences were difficult, or the venue lame, but on the balance Robert was engaged.
  13. Plant was employing what is known in the music world as a “Slap Back “ echo effect on his voice. this effect is used to create a more lively and “thicker” vocal sound.
  14. Not at all. I for one have long held the suspicion Jimmy suffers from some condition in his hands/wrists/arms that hinders him in some way. But no one ever asks him for some unknown reason.
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