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  1. The 75 Tour has an interesting feature not found on other Zep Tours, and that is late gig Jimmy disintegration. it seems like at several shows, after Moby Dick and especially during encores, it’s really obvious Jimmy has over indulged in, well, SOMETHING. Not during 73, not 77, not even the 80 Tour did this happen. He partied hard we know this, but why does it seem to get to him more during this tour ? I mean, Baton Rouge for example. Listen to Jimmy first half of show, then jump to Black Dog. WTF many other examples on this strange tour
  2. Just letting everyone know, one of our spies attended the film and...... there isn’t anything new in film. No new audio, no new video, it’s basically montages synced to BBC audio. womp womp
  3. I love it Just goes to show Zep could even pull off a Pop ballad. Would’ve topped singles chart if they’d released as a single, but in typical Zep fashion, they didn’t
  4. My advice: skip 8/11 altogether
  5. Without question one of Jimmys best solos. Top 3
  6. Still no mention from Robert ☹️
  7. In Jimmys latest book, Anthology, he gives an explanation basically, Customs border crossings were a huge logistical headache for the road crew. Zep would play US cities near Canadian border, like Detroit, Buffalo, Seattle, etc for the Canadian fans to come to.
  8. That’s a lovely story about Peter thx for sharing that, with all the larger than life stories and myths, we forget they were just people like us, who appreciate simple kind gestures.
  9. Very sad to hear this, hope Robert publicly acknowledges this, Phil resurrected Plants career RIP
  10. Wow Stuart Epps ! Hello good sir ! We'd all love to hear some anecdotes from this time period ! Thank you ! I was fortunate to visit the Sol in 1988, but Jimmy wasn’t there haha beautiful facility in the English countryside
  11. The Black Dog solo 9/28 is just outrageously good, possibly the best ever
  12. 6/23/77 is the definitive late Era version, simply astounding interplay Copenhagen 7/24/79 another winner. Shorter tighter with Jimmy in absolute top form
  13. I always thought it was “If you ask me it’s slightly above my head” instead of “out of my hands”
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