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  1. I just think they were cranked out on blow at Knebworth
  2. If you happen to be in NC tonite come on by I’m jamming Zeppelin all nite for Bonzo !
  3. If you happen to be in North Carolina this weekend........
  4. Ok so he’s just playing a harmony over main riff start on 14th fret of A string and go down 14-13-12-11 then jump to G string 12th fret and bend up for the little lick he does then 9th fret A string to 7th fret
  5. He may not get writing credit, but performers can get “points” from a recording they appear on. I’m sure Jimbo has or will be compensated in some way.
  6. Pretty hot lookin ! Prices pretty reasonable too for that quality
  7. I think maybe there was one time where Page was carried offstage, and then that turned into a million different stories as ridiculous as the Knebworth one. I mean, there's pics of Jimmy walking to the stage! LOL
  8. Honestly I’ve yet to hear a substandard 1971 show, they were peaking hard, I don’t know how you’ll manage to rank these.
  9. TSRTS Jimmys Guitar is wicked out of tune, it’s a distraction for him obviously great sound quality though dang
  10. Was just watching a show about how the Moon was formed on VICE channel, and there was a scene where they showed a fictitious city and on a billboard was Zeppelins Mothership artwork !! very random.......
  11. Jimmys 80 guitar tech Tim Marten shared the info in an 80s magazine article, Guitar World perhaps ?
  12. To me this argument is stupid, mainly because Zep could play circles around the Stones musically, I mean the Stones aren’t even in the conversation talent wise compared to Zep. it would take 5 Charlie Watts to make 1 Bonzo, maybe Jonesy is more talented than the Stones all put together Mick Taylor was a good guitar player, nice pure player and cleaner than Pagey, but that’s where he ends just a player Jagger vs Plant is a toss up Mick is a hell of a performer can’t deny that !
  13. A year or so ago Plant played some shows in Iceland, and his band did a short version of Immigrant Song, tuned WAYYYY down, and Robert still sounded really weak trying to hit those notes. It was then I really understood his decision not to tour w Zep again, his voice has dropped so low he can’t even come close anymore to Zep catalog.
  14. Black Dog was played in Oakland & MSG in 77, too
  15. This is chump change for Jimmy, maybe he’ll realize 100k from it, that’ll cover his gardening fees for Tower House this year.
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