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  1. No one that I have ever seen has asked Plant about this in any interviews. I think, in hindsight, Grant really let Plant down in this regard, he chose profit over Plants long term vocal health.
  2. A buddy of mine said he and his friends saw Zep at MSG in 75, and they were all disappointed with Plant. It was shocking to them when they opened with Rock n Roll and he sang a full octave lower than album cut. I’m sure they weren’t alone in that sentiment.
  3. Zep was spiraling down, and a huge part of it was the dysfunction of Peter Grant. Grant was as much of an addict as anyone was, Swan Song et al was crumbling, clear heads were needed to right the ship, obviously. If Zep could’ve have gotten fresh management, sobered up, they very well could have continued, alas is wasn’t to be.
  4. One of my fave Firm stories from Jimmys tech Tim Marten: Paul was bitching about them taking too much time between songs, and gained the nickname “Prickly” during the next show, as Marten approached Jimmy with his guitar between songs, he said Jimmy would hop backwards away from him yelling “ Quickly for Prickly !” Haha that’s classic Jimmy !
  5. The OD pedal just acts like a boost, sometimes you want that “extra push over the cliff” as it were
  6. I agree, way too much negativity directed at these guys. Jimmy ain’t gonna be with us too much longer, I’m thankful that he’s still around all things considered!
  7. Hey ! Im a working musician, and I of course play Zep tunes! And I have an outside the box suggestion. you don’t need a Marshall stack, at all. Or any stack for that matter. I use a little amp called a Quilter Aviator. These Quilter amps are SICK. They are small, lightweight, compact, but pack an absolute monstrous punch. Check out their line of amps, you could score a sweet combo amp that I guarantee will kick their ass. Here is little video of my band playing large outdoor amphitheater. Youll hear Kashmir in there. This is coming from an 8” speaker on a 20w amp, running a direct line into house PA. Quilter.
  8. I’ve always liked the Brussels show, esp the end of the concert the band seems to really come alive. HOWEVER It sounds to me, that after Trampled Underfoot, Jimmy doesn’t disengage his wah wah pedal all the way. Consequently, SIBLY & Achilles sounds super harsh and trebly. Do you hear that as well? Anyone else notice this ?
  9. FWIW, Jimmy achieves same effect on Outrider on the track “Wanna Make Love” towards the end.
  10. As you have pointed out earlier SAJ, Domino is recycled Midnight Moonlight basically I’d love to hear the rest of those demos though!
  11. Well he has been seen playing in 2019, I’m glad to see he still can.
  12. I thought this would be a thread about the pranks Zep pulled on folks back in the day like Bonzo taking a dump in a Japanese ladies purse
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