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  1. JaneCool

    Roberts Jeans

    This was my first time taking a look through this thread and all I can say is... I'm going to look for Jimmy next!
  2. Thanks for the kind words Mike. :-)

    Try not to get addicted, I'm new here, but have well-established interweb addictions elsewehere, lol! Take it easy.

  3. Happy belated birthday! 43 here as well, 48 days ago.
  4. What an awesome poster! Wish I had been to that show.
  5. jane you're cool with or w/o the pretty picture. you were the first responder to my

    first post on this site.(actually first online post on any site ever for me) you held my fragile little hand and led me right

    into the abyss:) i should probably be mad at you 'cause now i've typed more in the last four days than i have the last four years.

    later chick!

  6. Oh to be that young again! Thanks for the welcome Steve!
  7. We used to use the word "gay" a lot back in the 80's as an insult, as in "like, that is/he is/she is so gay." Kids also called each other "gay-wads" - anybody here remember that one? Ah, youth. Maybe it's a retro thing. Sorry for being .
  8. Thank You for me, such a beautiful song.
  9. I just voted as well - wonderful drawing!
  10. Why thank you!

  11. Wow, I had forgotten all about that Mike! I still have my original album as well, so I took a look and yep, there it was, pretty pink, blue and green pastel colors from when I carefully applied water on it with a paintbrush way back in the day. That is really such a cool album cover too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
  12. Doh! I knew it had to do with that button, but couldn't get it to work last night for some reason. Thanks Bonzo.
  13. Jane, I dig your "coolness."

  14. Jane, if you have time, please check my "zeppelin reality that's a mystery to me" post

    and let me know what your experience is.

    No rush.

  15. Hey JaneCool! Thanks for the tip on those bands. They're quite different from anything else Ive ever heard. Also they're able to sucsessfully re-create their music live, which is somewhat of a lost art in this day and age. Not as good as the classics but, hey, what is.

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