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  1. Awesome, I'm glad you found it! Ok, I hope I don't speak out of place, but my understanding is that it is a synchronized mix of audience and soundboard sources.
  2. I found my Berlin matrix. I downloaded it in September of 2009. Like I said, I don't feel comfortable sharing my compressed version, but I'm sure the original is out there somewhere. Here are the notes from the text file... "Led Zeppelin 1980.07.07 Berlin, Germany Eissporthalle Soundboard and Audio Matrix "The Last Flight" - An Achilles-Cooleyez Production Both sources: EVSD Eternal Magic Discs 1-4 > EAC > WAV > FLAC > BitTorrent > WAV >Audacity 1.2.3 > WAV > FLAC Level 8 (options used: Verify, Align on sector boundaries)"
  3. As soon as I can locate my external hard drive, I'll see what it is. I converted my personal stuff to mp3 years ago, so I would not be comfortable sharing it in it's inferior format. However, I'm sure the source is still out there and I will get back to you on it!
  4. There is a really good matrix of the July 1980 Berlin show. I can't remember the name, but I've had it on my hard drive for over 10 years.
  5. I would enjoy a copy. Thank you Steve!
  6. would love a link. You never disappoint!
  7. Steve, could I get a link to this one!? Loving the others!
  8. I'd love a link! Sounds impressive!
  9. I think you have to download each individual album. They are all available on amazon in digital formats.
  10. Worked the show as a stagehand last night in Va Beach. I literally almost walked into Jason Bonham because neither of us were looking where we were going, but he played a damn good set lol! Accomplished the only goal I had for a gig this year and got a pair of sticks that he played with last night!! His drum tech told me that his name is under the wrap, but I don't know if I'm gonna remove one or not. Probably not. I am curious though.
  11. I thought it was "grave" not "great". with the tone of his voice, that makes more sense to me & hits me a bit harder too. As for this new project, I'd rather see him work on making new music. I found myself listening to "Enormosound" from Healing Sixes just a couple days ago. It was a good album imo. EDIT: Hadn't realized that this was my first post! lol I've been lurking on here since it got put together & led-zeppelin.com and led-zeppelin.org before that haha
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