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  1. i love those moonchild releases... for those of us with little money to spare... it's a heaven sent way to own some high quality shows for little money.
  2. The stack next to my bed right now... some other stuff there too, but most of it is there...
  3. May 18, 1975... Trampled Underfoot is blasting outta me speakers as I write!
  4. Can all the "I don't give my money to bootleggers... I download them for free from the internet" people get off their high horse for a minute... coz if there weren't people willing to spend real money on the product that the evil bootleggers peddle... you wouldn't be able to download it for free from the internet... And yes I am one of those suckers that spends his hard earned shekkels on what the bootleggers offer... (Not only LZ but also Black Sabbath, Pink FLoyd, Deep Purple, and some Zappa). I am the proud owner of about 500 boots, about half of them Led Zeppelin... (And about 5 or 6 TB of stuff downloaded for free from the interwebs... mostly Grateful Dead soundboards... also have all their official releases). But I keep buying them silvers... as long as they have a half decent cover artwork... (That was my inner Graphic Designer)
  5. All official stuff on cd... original studio albums three times, tsrs two times... 227 commercially pressed boots... two versions of the TSRTS dvd... old and new... 6 commercially pressed boot dvd's... the solo official stuff... and about another 50 solo boots... a gazillion downloaded LZ & solo shows... on lp only have lucifers rising... (lost all my LP's about 10 years ago in a bad separation with my ex and never felt like rebuilding the collection... made an exception when LR came out)
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