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    Hot pics of Jimmy

    yyyyyyyeeeeeeesssssssssssss you are absolutely right
  2. No, it's not that i'm shock i'm a fan of Alicia Keys i love her music i'm so ashamed of myself i just find out awhile ago lol it's awesome she loves them i knew Stevie Wonder and Prince were her idols i never thought she heard of Led Zeppelin. I need to stop stereotyping today's artists out there sometimes it do suprises me if someone in the hip hop industry or the mainsteam top 40 industry know about Led Zeppelin. You would think they would say people like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. influence them i know Zeppelin influenced alot of artists from pop to r&b to country to jazz not just the rock n roll genre.
  3. Alicia Keys listen to Zepp? and by the way wtf @ Elvis Costello it's okay his statement doesn't matter to me i don't listen to his music anyways
  4. i love it when i see LZ on top of the lists or charts it makes me a proud fan i'm also glad Pink Floyd is on top their one of my favorite band of all time. I love the Rolling Stones but their fans makes me not like them they always dissing other bands especially Zeppelin they got a huge ego sometimes they need to shut the f**k up and have a seat. They get so pressed when other bands outbeat The Stones so what i don't mind if people put Queen, The Stones, or The Beatles ahead of Zeppelin at the end of the day it's all people opinion and decisions it's no such thing who's the best band in history because everyone got a different answer to say.
  5. he look just like his father from head to toe
  6. i love all of them but the one that stands out the most is Dancing Days, The Ocean, No Quarter, and The Rain Song
  7. Rolling Stones magazine list is always crap i know it's bias of me but i don't care i like this list more than any other vh1 and rolling stones list
  8. celebration day, sick again, and the rover should held the title of the 70s era I also think dancing days, in the light, ten years gone deserves so many praises
  9. We are here to celebrate the memories and the legacy of John Bonham let's forget how he died but to remember him as one of the greatest drummers of all time to me he is the the greatest drummer of all time. R.I.P John Henry Bonham you will be missed and never forgotten.
  10. @Electrophile, Michael Jackson is friends with a bunch of rockstars Gene Simmons, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Slash, Eddie Van Halen, etc. the list goes on and on this is why i ask if one of the members of LZ met MJ before.
  11. off topic but i wish they will make a Led Zeppelin biopic movie a long time ago i was at imbd.com someone said they heard it might be a LZ movie but knowing me i'm too guillable lol actually i hardly doubt it. I mean Jimmy wouldn't want a movie based on his life and career and his ups and downs to turn it as a biopic movie. To be honest i wish someone in Hollywood will make a Zeppelin movie but yet it's best they don't.
  12. Some people would name Clapton after Hendrix I say Page is after Hendrix sorry for the Eric Clapton fans out there i respect his legacy and his artwork as an icon musician but i wasn't really interested in him. Shrug, maybe i should listen to him more often but i still think Page is after Hendrix as for drummers people would say Moon, Bonham, and Peart. If people put Keith before John i accept it because Keith along with JB he is the innovator drummer if it weren't for him and Bonham rock n roll drummings would be s**t. As much i respect Keith Moon and he is my only favorite member of The Who i say JB is the king of rock drummers of all time in my world i say Neil Peart, Keith Moon, and John Bonham is like the three kings of drums. And don't get it twisted with this whole Buddy Rich thing yeah yeah yeah i know he's a powerful drummer but he's not a rock n roll drummer he could if he want to but he's a jazz drummer he doesn't count. Singer world is Freddie Mercury no one couldn't reach his vocal abilty not even up to this day he had a gift from God and Mercury show it to the world. As for bassist like i said before i'm not into the whole bass players world lol they are so underrated compare the singer, the drummer, and the lead guitarist although people always said John Entwistle from the Who, Geddy Lee from Rush, and Cliff Burton from Metallica. I think JPJ deserves to be one of the top best bassists he works his ass off through out the years he should never be overshadowed by his talent.
  13. I always want to meet Jimmy i envy for the people who met him i even envy alot more the chicks he dated
  14. I heard the Zoso symbol is the capricorn sign
  15. Long time ago i went to Blabbermouth.com Carmine Appice the drummer from Vanilla Fudge and one Bonzo's friend claims Hendrix didn't like LZ because of the plagiarism. Now i'm not saying he's a liar but how does Jimi knows if they really were plagiarists if he didn't check them out like you said he hardly was interested in them so i doubt he knew about the whole plagiarism and plus he died too soon. However i did heard Jimi said he was amazed by Bonzo i'm not for sure is that one true either.
  16. The second song i heard by Led Zeppelin was "Ramble On" and then "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" let me just say "BIGLY" swept me away i love "BIGLY" that song is goes hard it is so raw and so awesome. The day i heard Stairway to Heaven it was a rainy night going to a Friday morning i stood up all night it came on like around 3:00 a.m. I have to say i was so eager to hear Stairway to Heaven bcuz of the legacy behind it when i heard it i was about to cry at first i when it came on i wasn't for sure if it was "STH" til Robert said "Stairway to Heaven" dude, you should of seen me i was about to have a heart attack my heart just pounding i was so excited i was about to scream but i couldn't bcuz everyone was asleep at the time. lol When i heard "STH" I was kind of creeped out and sad at the time i was creeped out because the urban legend about if you play it backwards the song is called "Stairway to Hell". I was also sad because it was so damn beautiful it was a rainy night my wish came true i wanted to hear so bad i was waiting to hear it someday and i kept thinking about Janis Joplin i heard stories the song was about her but i do know the song is about hope. I was and still am amazed at the guitar solo through out the end of the song it is so powerful the song will always be the most epic classic rock song ever hands down, but i say Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody comes in second.
  17. I had to search Kashmir by myself but it was hard bcuz i didn't had a computer at the time only cellphone access to the internet and boom box to entertain myself. I search Led Zeppelin just to see how the band looks like 1. i never thought they were from England 2. When i first saw them i giggled on Jimmy i was like...he sort looks like a chick in this picture lol and then the more i saw more pics of Jimmy the more i start liking this guy as in a musician and as in a hottie. The day i first saw a picture of Robert Plant it was actually his recent pictures he looks like a lion he hair trip me out i'm like...is that his real hair? lol
  18. It was a few years ago spring 07 i'm a big Nirvana fan at the time i was on youtube checking out on every Nirvana videos and i read comments people said they should also listen to Black Sabbath, The Who, Iron Maiden, AC DC, and Led Zeppelin. I knew who AC DC was and the Who but i never heard Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. I heard of Led Zeppelin before from a Lenny Kravitz bio, i never heard of LZ music until one day i was listen to some classic rock station bcuz i got tired of the mainstream pop station Kashmir came on and i was like....wait, a minute is this is Diddy's song? lol I remember Diddy remade Kashmir i didn't know if it was old or new so i say to myself this person remade Diddy's song lol shame on me. But the more i heard Kashmir the more i thought it wasn't a brand new song that it sound kind of oldies, but still has that fresh feeling. However we all know that Diddy usually remake classics records. I didn't know what was the song and the artist name i was desperate to know who they were. One day i caught Kashmir on the radio again i ask myself who sing this song? I kept guessing i thought it was Bono from U2 (please don't kill me) lol i swear i thought it was Bono i got Bono and Robert's vocals all mixed up shame on me and then i was like...either Bono sounds young or this isn't him. The song ended and there was no dj said the song title or the artist i was so pissed and then the next day i caught Kashmir i was so hoping if some dj just spit it out the name of the song and artist and nobody didn't say a word. I was so angry and losing my patience until one day 97.1 The Ego a dj from heaven said in his very own words "That was Led Zeppelin". I was like holy s**t.....that was led zeppelin???? I said in my head i heard of them before but not their music i was so happy and thrill i found out it was them but the dj didn't said the name of the song so i was a little disappointed and happy at the same time.
  19. I could have sworn i saw an article on yahoo says Justin Bieber listens to some classic rock bands oh well it must of been my crazy imagination again lol
  20. I like the BBC session one and the Albert Royal Hall version the SRTS one didn't sound right it sound so different
  21. kashmir achilles last stand stairway to heaven I didn't want to put stairway to heaven #1 to be honest in my little world i live I like Kashmir and ALS better.
  22. okay i don't get it why Jason and Nicole didn't perform? Can someone please explain it to me, was it because of the storm?
  23. Physical Graffiti album is my favorite album by LZ i say that is their best album, but LZ IV is their biggest one.
  24. so the fans are pissed at Jimmy because the cost price of the autobiography book
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