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  1. Hi Kiwi I would agree with that, and I think even Zepp under-rated these songs and lots of other things on Graffiti. From the boot-legs I heard , they never played much from the album. In My Time, Trampled, Kashmir, Ten Years (but not until 1977 ) , Wanton (only a few times, why?), Black Country Woman (again not until 77), and Sick Again. Oh and they played Bron y Aur too back in 1970. But why not The Rover, In the Light, Houses of the Holy, Custard Pie, Boogie With Stu, Night Flight? These are all great songs. You would think, with a double album to tour in 1975, they would maybe play some new songs each night and rotate them. Why did they have to make three songs last about 2 hours? I'm talking about Dazed and Confused, No Quarter and Moby Dick here. If they didn't do that, made them shorter maybe, they would had time to play 4 or 5 other songs. Maybe even 6. Toni
  2. Hi 'Oracle' You are right, the Sardonicus thread is gone:unsure:. Wow. Like a thief in the night:blink:. Maybe it was all that 'Devil talk', I sure hope it wasn't my fault because I said sometihng on there about the Kennedys? Toni
  3. Hi 'Bigstickbonzo' I already have Physical Graffiti, thank you I don't think anybody thinks Robert will sing like he used to, we only have to hear his solo albums to see that. Also I have heard some boot-legs (live recordings) from 1975 and 1977, 1979, 1980, and the 2007 show too, and I don't think he has been singing like he used to since 1972, the last time I heard him SCREAMING was How the West Was Won. Everybody knows this. But did everyone bash him from 1975-80, and 2007? No of course not, they were just happy to see the band they love, and Robert's not the only one who went 'downhill' anyway, is he? Everyone knows what to expect from him now, we all heard the O2 show, and now songs from the new Band of Joy tour, so if anyone thinks he can't sing good enough for Zepp anymore, well, they can stay home when they tour. And no, I don't think he owes ME anything, why should I, I was'nt even born when Zepp finished, but I would sure like to see them live with Jason now, but if Roberet doesn't want to do even a small tour, what can I do? It makes me sad, but we can still HOPE and talk about it? Can't we? And maybe he would see this forum, how much all his fans new and old want to see him with 'Zepp' again, and maybe that would change his mind? Here's hoping! Thanks Toni
  4. Hi I just hope WE were not paying for this trip. If she wants to take her buddies, she should be paying herself, right? And why Spain? There's a recession going on, why can't she spend the money here and help our own hoteliers and restaurateurs? I mean, what's wrong with Biloxi? Not good enough for ya, huh? Toni
  5. Hi I don't know about anyone else, but after I read about it, I will always feel kinda weird when I see 'Red Snapper' on the menu Maybe you could make a verb - 'to redsnapper'? Toni
  6. Hi zdr! that's ok, thanks! You know what, zdr? There are most likely some members here who would object to my post, but for a different reason. Not a 'language barrier' with them, just a 'sense of humor' barrier Toni
  7. Hi zdr Are you serious? May I ask why? What did I say wrong? Toni
  8. Hi 'c4plant' Well I'm happy to hear it IS likely Robert. I would hate to think I had been LUSTING after just any old ass these past weeks. Even if it is a YUMMY ass If it is Bonzo in the pool with Robert, that maybe explains why his ass is bare. Bonzo most likely just yanked his trunks down! And then threw them out onto the loungers! Toni
  9. Hi Electrophile Wow. So it's ok to hate kids, but not ok to express dislike of Robert's new music? I don't know what the others will say, but that sounds pretty goddamn FUCKED UP to me. What a scrofulous, sociopathic worldview. Good luck with that. And with 'running your household', whatever THAT means Toni
  10. True. They should just print the time of the FIRST part of the 'long song', before the silence. And then massively crank up the levels in time for 'part two'. That would really freak the stoners out. I can't remember what it was, but there was an album some time ago where the levels increased slowly throughout, so that by the last song, it was about four times as loud as when it started. Now THAT is a GOOD idea, on two counts: first, it would really f#ck the neighbours off. Second, it would save you getting up every 10 minutes to turn it up as you got progressively more WASTED
  11. Hey silvermedalist Quit being mean to Electrophile. So what if she's always on here, I always see you here too! Maybe like me she doesn't have much of a life, or she's a house-mom at home all day most every day, with 5 screaming kids, trashing her trailer all day. Usually its us girls who get hooked on these forums, but I think here at Zepp there is a 'Homo-erotic' element too. Toni
  12. Hi Bonzo! Nobody's Fault But Mine. 'DIDDLEY told me to roll'. As in Bo. Toni
  13. Hi Any of them really, if I had to do a 'lucky dip' I wouldn't be too sore if I didn't pull Robert, but it would be cool if I could have one of those shows like Tila Tequila had, where she had dates with all the suckers, and weeks to learn about them, sample and choose. Even though she was Bi. Toni
  14. Hi Aquamarine "Just because you like something somebody does, that doesn't mean you can't be critical of ANYTHING they do"; Yes, I like that, that's very open minded, you don't see that kind of attitude very often when talking about Robert here. Maybe some 'Other Posters' will see your Words Of Wisdom, and take heed. I've been following all this stuff since I joined and it looks like some good-intentioned posters have been badmouthed unfairly, I'm even surprised that I haven't been strafed by the Messerschmitt Fire Of The Self-Righteous yet, LOL. Well, I have been poked at, but not too badly, if you see what I mean. Obviously I love Robert too but I don't think his new stuff is very good, from what I heard already, I don't think I will be buying the CD blind like I did with all of his up to Raising Sand (big mistake there, ), but I will try to hear it, 'some other way'. Then maybe I would buy it. Thnaks Toni
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