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  1. Hey Mooney, I know you know a bit about new footage via Royal Orleans, do you know about the Empress Valley DVD release "Live in Japan", which will contain rare 8mm footage from '71 and '72, (look at the thread in the Master Forum).

  2. ^ Here are the dates that were scheduled. 30 Jul 1977 Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana (cancelled) 02 Aug 1977 Stadium, Chicago, Illinois (cancelled) 03 Aug 1977 Stadium, Chicago, Illinois (cancelled) 06 Aug 1977 Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York (cancelled) 09 Aug 1977 Arena, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (cancelled) 10 Aug 1977 Arena, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (cancelled) 13 Aug 1977 JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (cancelled)
  3. Same thing here outside of Chicago. We have a tornado watch for tonight.
  4. Heartbreaker came after Dazed and Confused. It was the fourth number of the night. White Summer was performed after Heartbreaker.
  5. The earliest know version of SIBLY is the Bristol show on January 8th. There is a recording of the show. The talk of SIBLY being played comes from the fact that they performed it the night before in Bristol. One is lead to believe since they performed it the night before, then they must pulled it out at the RAH. But of course since there is no known recording of it being played at RAH, the question still remains.
  6. The current Led Zeppelin is probably not going to do this. But Page & Plant did in the nineties.
  7. Led Zeppelin Live at Capitol Center, Landover Maryland USA May 28th 1977 Type: Soundboard CD1: 01. The Song Remains The Same 02. The Rover Introduction / Sick Again 03. Nobody's Fault But Mine 04. In My Time Of Dying 05. Since I've Been Loving You
  8. Seems like you can only post five pictures a post.
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