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  1. Does anyone know where this pic is fromband when? JPJ playing a Les Paul...
  2. This definitely falls under "related". I read that Page had looked into Syd Barrett in the 1970s. I find most of Page's musical likes quite interesting. They both had similar guitars with the same reflective discs in the 60s, and both looked very cool and Carnaby. I really like Syd Barrett, the music is so penetrating, you almost have to be careful around it. My dislike of Pink Floyd (what they're mostly know for, ie. without Syd) kept me from looking in to Barrett. I am putting a link to a vid for Jugband Blues. This song is crushing, devastating.
  3. Babysquid! You NAILED it for me, like Dark Lord did in the ITTOD thread. The CD starts with that deadly acoustic tone, so vile. No atmosphere. I hate Ovations, they sound like tinny banjos. Page has never looked as bad in terms of what was happening in music at the time. It was crazy how good the music was in 1993, and then the C/P CD came out to make the other music look even better. I still don't get it. Those drums....every hit sounds like a super cannon going off. Easy Does It is a great track until the drumming comes in. Its so grating, its mars the listening experience.
  4. You know Dark Lord, just when I'm feeling all correct and solid on my post, I read this from you. While I'm obviously not a fan of the project, I also got no impression from Kashmir for about 15 years after 1st hearing it. Same with the studio version of Rock and Roll, still no real impression there, seems flat and non-engaging. Years later though, Kashmir finally jumped out at me. Who knows, I could one day have some appreciation for this CD. I'm curious, what is your favourite moment on this CD? Least favourite? For me, favourite is in Don't Leave Me This Way, when Page comes in with hard funk (under Coverdale "But you keep on giving love"), least favourite is the guitar sound and riff on the beginning of Shake My Tree.
  5. This cd, so over-produced to me. 72 tracks for a song like Feeling Hot? How could Page have written that? It boggles the mind. I do think there are good parts here and there in the songs, like in Absolution Blues. But first there's that inane intro, and the cheesy Aerosmith-like guitar riff right after it, its too hard to sit through. And that drum sound, it arches over the whole album, way too brash and splashly, like an annoyance making it difficult to appreciate the occasional good musical moment. Take easy Does It. Thats a good song, atmospheric, vibey, Coverdale even sounds good on it. Then the super cannon drums kick in, immediate downgrade. Now, if they had done that album with Butch Vig, those songs would have been a lot better. Like Dark Lord says, Over Now is grunge. Vig would have made that killer.
  6. Agreed, Blue Train has a solo by Page that is unlike anything he has done, I love it, and it is one of the evocative soundscapes you mention. Albini does a great job on it, not all the sounds are overly obvious, clear and up front, and it is better for it, it makes it rustic and bare sounding.
  7. Boston Tea party early 69. That is next level. Its utterly savage, they're animals in that show. Its like you can hear the dirt in their playing and singing.
  8. I agree re. Feeling Hot, what garbage! Silly and grating. Its the worst thing Page has done in my view. I really think that Plant heard this album, and thats what got him to work with Page again. It hink he was concerned about what Page invloved himself with re. musical projects.
  9. I agree with Hitchslap. The window validates them as a creative team. Ditching the classic rock approach, just making something entirely new. Also agree with Les Paul Player. Why expect or even want a Zeppelin type thing? Plant called it, its a young mans game. Page didn't realize that with the Coverdale Page project. After hearing "Feeling Hot" from that (to me, a career low point), its was really nice to see he could still do it right, with Burning Up. Page hits new ground in Blue Train, that solo is free of Rock God expectations, its like something Harrison would have done around Revolver. I also see what Blue Congo mentions, the sound is musty, old. I kind of like it though, its a bit dirty, human sounding. Jones and Lee are capable, but so what. Not remarkable. Plant has tended to sound strained a lot since the early 90s. I like that it is all new songs, as opposed to Unledded.That was a bit of a rip off to me, little in the way of original stuff (which was good, love Wonderful One and City Don't Cry). Its mostly a glorified Unplugged project, which was very much the thing to do then.
  10. It said again that a Japanese concert was recorded! Does anyone know if this includes video? That was would be great to hear.
  11. The latest one says they recorded Japan 1971. It isn't specific on video or audio.
  12. Wow, Buckley wanted Page on his next CD. That could have been amazing. That's the kind of thing I wish he would do instead of guest spots playing greatest hits (Foo Fighters, Black Crowes). Page had some nice playing on the WIC CD, I think that kind of approach would have worked well in a collaboration like that. Buckley wasn't generic rock, as Page has leaned heavily toward in his musical partners since Zeppelin. I think that partnership could have brought out a real sensitivity in Page's approach.
  13. Augh, the CP project made it to this feature. The worst song on the CD (and of Jimmy's career, for me) is there. Well, at least the demo is a better listen than the finished track. That intro squaky guitar is so awful. The lyrics are insulting, the "whoa whoa" vocal break sounds like KISS, the guitar ideas are juvenile (weird, as its Page). He should have featured Saccharine, way, way better song.
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