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  1. Hello my dear Robert Have a very happy birthday! I wish you lots of luck, so you will find the queen of all your dreams and head on for your dream and your pocket full of gold One day I can congratulate personally, but until then I wish you a whole lotta Love from me! Love
  2. hmm.. a very old cheese which was stuck in a corner and was green rather than yellow (I really have problems looking at mould ) Whats the first thing you'd do if you'd win a million?
  3. They will do a reunion tour! I know it deep own inside someday...
  4. Tea For One.. it's just so pretty the way it changes in the beginning.. (one of the songs I listen to when Im sad and it nearly always makes me cry ) although I like SIBLY also quite much
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jimmy!! mayyybe we wil see each other sometime when you all decided to make Reunion tour (which you will )
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer: woooh sixty!! I hope all your dreams and wishes and stuff come true!!!
  7. Hello! Sorry for answering late, but Im sorry cause I can't send the picture to you but here is the link where it's posted (you'll have to scroll down a bit): http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?showtopic=36&st=160

    Hope that's okay. Alice

  8. hello there! it's good to see such a young zeppelin fan! its awesome! i was wondering that picture you use as your default do you think you could send it to me? i have never seen it before!!!

  9. Ich fahre im Mai für drei Tage nach Polen und meine Freundin ist aus Polen. Berlin ist auch sehr schön...

  10. Ich bin nicht aus Berlin. Ich wohne 50 km Suedlich von Warschau in Polen, aber mein Vater ist Schweitzer...

    Ich finde das in Deutschland es viel sauberer ist. Nich wahr? Hier in Polen ist riechtig viel unordnung und kriminalitaet...

    Tschuess, Martha.

  11. hey! Ja ich bin auch aus Berlin. Schön jemand zu treffen der Musikgeschmack!

  12. Hallo!!! Bist Du aus Berlin?

    Ich bin so Froh,

    das auch junge Leute wie du und Ich lieben Led Zeppelin...

    Viele kuesschen ung greusschen, Martha;>

  13. Robert is 46 years older than me
  14. Yeah me!!! I'll marry Robert as he is, and for Jimmy, I think he looks very good for his age!
  15. Alice

    Logan Plant 2006

    Really!!! HE looks soooooo like his dad! That's amazing!
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