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  1. Mudslider

    The Death of Renisha Bryant

    These be slow Zeppelin days. Ain't that right fiddler?
  2. Mudslider

    What/Where's the farthest you've been away from home?

    Portland, Oregon to Dubai, UAE.
  3. Mudslider

    Have you ever met Zep hater?

    My wife and it was almost a deal breaker for me, but love is love is Led Zeppelin, so be my mistress
  4. Mudslider

    LZ 1 vs ITTOD

    I agree and would add its pointless to compare any of LZ's LP's. They are all fantastic pieces of music; a little of everything on each and every one. It's like two girlfriends from the past that were both great, just different and with LZ's LP's you don't have to pay alimony; some of you will get that. I remember in Jr High when LZ III came out.....we all thought it was crap compared to the first two. How wrong we were and by the time I hit college it was my favorite and still is to this day, but enjoy them all! Favorite Live Song: several versions of 1977 No Quarter Favorite studio Song: Since I've been loving you. It will change tomorrow and thats due to LZ's creativity....and I agree, every AC/DC song sounds pretty much the same. They have energy and seem to really enjoy touring still.... I give them that, but after the 3rd song you kinda know whats going to hit you next.
  5. PJ has been opening with "Pendulum", a moody slow melodic tune that began with Mike walking onstage with a violin bow in one hand and his guitar in the other. An older british gentleman miles away would be proud. PJ is certainly one great band if you have never seen them live. Matt is one of the best drummers I have ever heard; amazing!
  6. Mudslider

    Why do people hate TSRTS so much?

    I certainly don't dislike TSRTS film / soundtrack; it Zeppelin, but its my least favorite of all their releases and the only release that I feel that is dated when "watched" today. The film has not stood the test of time like their music. Just MHO. The fantasy sequences must have been hard to live down; pretty silly self-indulgent stuff, but again, its Zeppelin so who's complaining! I wish it was a full concert start to finish with no edits and goofy fantasy crap!
  7. Mudslider

    Why DOESN'T Pagey Do Something?

    My feelings over the past several years is that Page is open to anything Zeppelin and nothing else. He can add to his legacy on the sidelines with a few Zeppelin projects than persuing a solo career.
  8. Mudslider

    Jimmy's 1961 Stratocaster Up For Sale

    Yeah, suspect to say the least. I don't see a shred of proof that THIS is the same guitar. The link to "It might get loud" is also broken.
  9. Jimmy seemed very itchy; some of you will get that.
  10. Mudslider

    Ski Resorts

    Misty Mountain offers fine sking like experiences just a hop away in Headley Grange, a famous mansion rumored to be associated with invisable ski lifts and slopes 40 miles long, in Hampshire, England.
  11. Where's the confounded bridge?
  12. Mudslider

    John or Jason Bonham?

    Oops....ignore the above....I had meant to link the entire Landover 77' show, not just Kashmir! There is no doubt amongst the experts as to whom the "better drummer" is, regardless of that enjoy them both. My answer is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FW3r0j_0t8
  13. Mudslider

    John or Jason Bonham?

    There is no doubt amongst the experts as to whom the "better drummer" is, regardless of that enjoy them both. My answer is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poUkw5-1l60&list=PLEBA48DB368B90BC7
  14. Lot's of resembalance to JP. Pardon me, however, but is she pregnant?
  15. Mudslider


    I have to admit seeing Paul McCartney last July at Safeco Field in Seattle blew my mind. I had 11th row center seats and he played 3 hours non-stop without one moment being boring. His backup band was terrific. Great show. It was the first full length concert at Safeco. Being 71 years old he was amazing! The 3 remaining members of Nirvana joined him for the encores. Amazing. I enjoy JT movies, but can do without his music.....he's very talented for what he does but the music is not my cup.