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  1. This. You never know what will stick in the mind of a jury, but if they think they are being misled, you better believe it will colour their opinion. I have only read about this case from afar (and not in detail), but what stuck out to me was this part of it. A hint of dishonesty can turn a good case into a bad one very quickly. The apparent inconsistencies I have read about, between interviews and testimony under oath, are troubling to my mind.
  2. Looks like you might have one of the few copies in the public domain at the moment. Given your username, I'd say it couldn't have gone to a better guy!
  3. This is a softer tone and far more palatable. It is totally fair for you not to like the two unreleased tracks as musical compositions. Nobody can argue with you about that. It seems that your complaint is about a lack of content pleasing to you rather than an actual lack of content. While I am not sure what you were looking for on the companion sets given that you yourself acknowledge that anything truly great would have been released at the time, again, I can't argue with that opinion. To me, if you take these releases for what they are, there are some truly special gems on them, regardless of taste. Just the fact they have been released at all is special. Not every alt mix is a winner (or even that different), but, just for the ones that are, these sets are home runs. New Zep in 2014. Unreal. We know there won't be unheard of tracks, but I hope that there are alt gems on the next two releases as well. And maybe more unreleased and unknown stuff on the last four too. Anyway, I'm just glad I'm not on your dreaded ignore list.
  4. - so why are YOU now complaining about the content? Moreover, are you honestly not blown away to hear TWO brand new Zeppelin tracks that nobody even knew existed - even if you don't love the tracks (I happen to like them both)? So don't go on a Zeppelin forum and denounce a release which includes brand new, never before heard tracks and new, never before heard versions (particularly WLL and SIBLY) as being devoid of content!! And then take a run at the next 6 releases which you haven't even heard! How can you expect people not to get on your back for that?? I don't know what this means. Look, Steve, I don't want a war with you. I have no interest in it, but sometimes I think the only way the band can satisfy some of the hardcore fans would be to release stuff under bootleg labels. It has become vogue to insult official releases amongst that crowd. I have no doubt if ANY of the companion discs came out as bootlegs they would be hailed as spectacular!
  5. You can ignore me all you want, but it won't change the facts. How do you reconcile the above quote with the one below a few months before?? and how do you reconcile the above with the below? So let me get this straight: There is nothing good in the vaults, but what is in the vaults will blow my socks off, and Jimmy has taken painstaking time and effort in making this set spectacular, but the level of ambition he has put in is truly lacking. Come on Steve. I don't spend my days looking to say "not nice things about you". But I do call BS when I see it. And I'm calling BS. Maybe, before the release, you got your hopes up too high and didn't take your own advice that these are leftovers and outtakes. Looked at through that lens - getting new music/new versions in 2014 is outstanding. Sorry you take offence to that but don't blame others who see the release for exactly what it is and are so happy to have it.
  6. At least the point you are making has some merit and is truly debatable. Maybe middle ground should have been an option. My issue was really with the complaint above about the CONTENT being worthless. That is absolutely nuts. How can any fan in their right mind complain that they "no longer care" about releases which have included BRAND NEW Zeppelin in 2014?? Moreover, how can anybody write off the next batch of albums without even hearing them? PG through Coda have been written off without even seeing a track list! Its completely laughable! You start to wonder if these people are fans, or just complete weirdos who are so wrapped up in ridiculous minutiae that they can't spot a true gift when it hits them in the face!
  7. I can't stand when people bitch and moan for Zep to open the vault and then have the audacity to complain when they do. But its worse than that. I think you complain because you think its cool to do so. I have no doubt that if "La La" or "Keys to the Highway" found their way into the Steve A. Jones Archives a year ago that you would be touting them as the greatest find since the Dead Sea Scrolls. Now, because they are out, and everybody else has them, you "no longer care". Why be such a contrarian? If I PM'd you a year ago and said I had an unreleased Zep track - that nobody even knew existed - how much would you pay for it? Seems to me that would be worth the price of the Super Deluxe set by itself. If not much, much more. Now make it two never before heard of tracks, then ADD absolutely ripping, never before heard, versions of SIBLY and WLL in studio quality plus some alternate mixes, plus a live show at much better quality than currently circulating. The fact that you can download all of this AND get top quality remasters of each the original albums at the same time ALL for 15 bucks a piece (in Canada anyway) is truly unbelievable. If you want a cool photo-book AND vinyl, AND HD Downloads AND CD's AND awesome packaging AND a numbered print, it will cost you a bit more. Worth every penny to me, but again, if you don't think so it is available at all price points to suit your needs. I think these sets are spectacular. I think the way they are being released is spectacular. I think the excitement around a band that broke up many decades ago is spectacular. And the best thing for you is, if you don't like them, or "no longer care" you don't have to buy them!!
  8. Nice work on the slide over effect to switch between album covers. In addition to the obvious, you always have little touches that make this site an awesome experience for Zep fans. You continually make this one of the best band sites around. Thanks!
  9. Does anybody know where I can find a copy of the actual claim issued by Spirit's attorneys? I would be very interested in reading it.
  10. Nice! Figured this would be coming any day now! Thanks for the new clip Sam!!
  11. April Fools aside, I always thought this was pretty good...
  12. Sad to see Ralph go... Why do you guys a leave Toronto out of the mix as an eventual destination for the Bills? They already play 1 home game a year here, it would not impact any other team's market as its only about 100 miles away from Buffalo, it is North America's 4th largest city with tons of corporate sponsorship available for the league, the NFL has been looking to go international for a while now (Mexico City, London) - and the list goes on... My money is on Toronto...
  13. Roger, Awesome cover on Time magazine! Love the photo! I know it was just a joke but it is really cool! The real congratulations comes for winning the Steve A. Jones Archive Award for person of the year. My understanding is that this is the first time in 30 years it has been awarded to a person other than Steve A. Jones. A real achievement! All the best, Roger and keep up the great work!
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