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  1. Its simply stunning given the historic context. I have imagined the early meeting between the Zep and Atlantic camps in my mind's eye countless times. But never dared to imagine that such a moment would have actually been captured and preserved. What's just as interesting is that such a significant photo would be unknown and unseen ( to my knowledge) until a few days ago. Had this been available two years ago,I'm certain it would have and should have been included in Jimmy's photo book.
  2. It would be nice to have an informal Zep Summit Roundtable where all the experts and sources could research, exchange info and debate the merits of rumored shows. Sort of a convention but like a social symposium as well. Of course,we all know how the last planned convention went over. But it would be brilliant to gather all the folks with information and all sit around a table to see what could be determined in terms of Zep footage. Sort of like a Cold Case investigation.
  3. JP White Summer Sitar. Courtesy of Mr. D. Mofowitz from FBO http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtube_gdata_player&v=d6q54ED_dkA
  4. Wow. Thanks Riot! You've made my day. Is just it me or is this a monumental and historic photo? I mean,JP and PG at the actual signing of the band to Atlantic? This should have been in JP's book for sure. It amazes me what pops up after 40 years...never having seen the light of day prior to this.
  5. I may be mistaken.But I'm almost certain that I read that this performance would be recorded by the BBC.
  6. 1) I used to make prank calls to CNN for Howard Stern 2) I named the local AHL hockey team 3) I hold a U.S. patent
  7. I hope someone is able to capture this event for us all to hear. http://hangout.altsounds.com/news/142675-kt-tunstall-john-paul-jones-play-floating.html
  8. Steve, Would you have any info on this photo? Thanks
  9. You're welcome Tanya. I thought you'd like that one....;-)
  10. Dave Lewis mentions them in his book. IIRC,the tone of his comment regarding the songs are that they exist. I seem to recall a remark about Jones on vocals on Lost In Space.
  11. There are a few things they didn't do that I wish they had: Played Four Sticks live more than once. Played In The Light and Houses of the Holy live Toured places like South America, Malaysia,Spain,Egypt and other "exotic" locales from which to draw inspiration. Released the two extra tracks ( "St Tristan's Sword" and "Lost in Space") from the fourth album. Released any multi track recordings from the Japan 71 tour. Released the jam session recorded around the time they were recording Physical Graffiti. Continued and released the 1970 documentary....
  12. So the question still stands. What was the purpose of the double mics? IF they were to multi track,that would mean there's at least one multi-tracked concert if you see the photo above. Then that raises the question of which show the photos are from. And why are the known 2 microphone photos from 1970? Just now read Jahfin's post regarding the Grateful Dead. So did they use the second mic for noise canceling at every concert? ( I find it interesting that the photo of Gerry was from a filmed performance). DId microphone technology improve so much after 1970 that a second mic wasn't nee
  13. Let me clarify then: I meant video as opposed to audio.....film/video media....not an audio signal. So if your info about the second mic is correct ( and that makes perfect sense to me) then one can infer that ,at the very least, there are other shows that have been multi-tracked on audio if not on film.
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