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    My family is my world!
  1. I finally got brave and found a pic. Me on this past Mother's day.
  2. It was very good...I watched it 3 times. It prompted me to go have a listen to some old favorites again. The show made me realize his "reasoning" about not going in the same direction musically is similar to Plants....which to me...makes more sense now after watching this show.
  3. I was flipping channels last night on tv and Stars on Ice was on NBC. I waited a second because the music they were playing sounded familiar....sure enough....I'm Gonna Crawl was the music that this male skater was skating too! They played the whole song and the guy did a good routine to the grand music of Led Zeppelin!
  4. Quitting my 2nd job. Weekends free Again!!!!
  5. Mine is sort of sentimental. My sister gave me this nickname way back in the '70's when we were in our teens. Our mother told me to go with my sister to town and make sure she didnt get into trouble. I started to follow her and she turned around and told me "You're just like an old motherhen. She and a friend were going to meet up with some friends to go and get high and mom thought I would rat on her...I justed wanted to join in, to be truthful. lol I didnt actually start referring to myself as motherhen till after she passed away 10 yrs ago. I started using the name while creating a tribute page online for her.
  6. Levee....just such a strong powerful song.
  7. I remember the Bump too...so guess I am in the Old category even tho I feel like I am in my 20's some days.
  8. Everyday our local station 101.5 WRYV (the river) plays at least one Zeppelin tune every hour or two...and I couldnt be any happier with their line up! especially coming from such a small rural town in Ohio. Check out the Band page http://www.classicrock1015theriver.com/
  9. Joan Jett approximately 2 yrs ago. Good Show!
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