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  1. Hey Lu! Nice pics, I really like the last one, it's a very cool angle. You look lovely as always
  2. My brother came home from Uni today. Finally getting around to solving a little tiff I had with my best friend, we were smiling and laughing about like old times (before the christmas vacation). Also, I watched a totally hilarious movie. It's been a good day today
  3. Hey Rabia, I posted a comment on your other pics as well, but it's a few pages back! These photos are very beautiful. I admire you.
  4. That picture could be made into a card, it made me feel good. Happy New Year Celia.
  5. Oh and Vannis, I didn't see your pics, they're hilarious, you look very good in the first one, I like the colour of your hair.
  6. Sorry I'm late- Rabia, I really love that photo, like Minelle said, the Dupatta is great and you look lovely in Indian clothes. I really love your eyes. And everyone else, cool pics!
  7. Ha!!! YAY! I am so happy you found me!!!!

  8. I'm EXTREAMLY sorry to here this, everyone has days when nothing seems to go right, but the fact is that tomorrow is always a new day and it comes with hope and a chance for a new start. I know it's easier to preach that follow, but I'd like you to always remember that in this world there are a lot of people who absolutely love you and would sometimes want to be in your shoes. Anywho, I'm down with Viral, so I'd have to stay in bed a couple of days......my parents don't know that I'm surfing the net right now
  9. Ha, I know! I haven't been around so often. How about you post a pic? You haven't posted one in sometime!
  10. Hey Minelle!! I'm sorry, I've just been busy, but now, I'm on vacation The trip to the farmhouse must be nice! There are a lot of farmhouses outside Mumbai as well! I hope you've been fine!
  11. I'm on vacation right now I reached my aunts house today and will be spending new years eve overhere.
  12. Cool pic Minelle! Party? How was Bakri-Eid?
  13. Thanks Rabia, I really appreciate it. What happened to you? Why are you sick? I think sometimes you have to wait for the best things, I'm sure it'll be a wonderful day that you'll always remember!
  14. Ha, it'd be so so so much fun if I had dance fever right now, God, I love dancing! Wohoo. I wish! But, thanks Mandy!
  15. Ishita

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    It's been so long since I've visited HPOJ thread, I'm horrible, I know. I really love the pics posted right now, it just reminds me how perfect Jimmy really was.
  16. Thanks Celia. You are extreamly beautiful too!!!
  17. Hmm...well, these are old pictures of me (I don't have any new ones)
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