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  1. mightyzep247

    Them Crooked Vultures Album

    Love this album. I hear a little bit of Kashmir in some of Grohl's drumming in parts of Elephants
  2. mightyzep247

    What is the average age here?

    I'm 14, turning 15 in September.
  3. mightyzep247

    y'know you're a zep-freak when....

    Oh, and when you find yourself applauding while listening to/watching live Zeppelin-alone-without realizing it.
  4. mightyzep247

    y'know you're a zep-freak when....

    ...When you put up with having a phone that constantly turns off by itself for 3 months till it finally croaks just for the sake of keeping your "Kashmir" ringtone and "Dazed And Confused" alarm.
  5. mightyzep247

    Happy Birthday Les Paul!

    Happy Birthday Les!! I met Les about a year and a half ago at the Iridium in NYC and he played exceptionally great for 92 years old. I got to meet him after the show and it was an unforgettable night. Thanks for everything Les!!!
  6. mightyzep247

    Where were you the first time you heard Zeppelin

    It was 2003 and I was 8 and my dad sat me down at a listening station at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He put on WLL and I fell in love. I bought my first Zepp album that day, the Early Days/ Latter Days box set and never turned back. As for the impact it had on me, I'm now 14and I play guitar in a band who is getting ready to record a third album and I own every Zeppelin album and listen to them every day. I guess you could say they had a pretty strong impact on me.
  7. mightyzep247

    Do you like their later albums?

    Physical Graffiti=Greatest album of all time. At least in my opinion
  8. mightyzep247

    What no bids yet?!

    Just as I was thinking to myself I would do anything in my right mind to be the person who gets to own or use that thing, I see this. You don't know how much I'm envying you right now.
  9. mightyzep247

    Sonic Youth allies with Led Zeppelin Bassist

    I feel kinda dumb now. Me and my dad were driving around looking for it for a while. Next time I go to the city, I'll make sure to go see it. Thanks for proving me wrong
  10. mightyzep247

    Sonic Youth allies with Led Zeppelin Bassist

    The whole building.
  11. mightyzep247

    Sonic Youth allies with Led Zeppelin Bassist

    I was looking for Physical Graffiti and I drove around St. Marks Pl. but It wasn't there. At the address (96-98 St. Marks Pl.), there was a lot that looked like there was something there but it got taken down and now there is a small building there, but it's mostly empty.
  12. mightyzep247

    Sonic Youth allies with Led Zeppelin Bassist

    I went lest night. I don't know if it's just me, but I didn't get it. It sounded like they gave Kosugi a bunch of random stuff to make noise with and he told JPJ and Sonic Youth to make a lot of noise and get some feedback. I guess Merce Cunningham's thing is having people dance wierd to noise. It was great if you're into that but for me, a huge Zeppelin fan who paid $60 to see JPJ play some music, I was kinda disappointed. After the show I waited around to see if I could possibly meet JPJ but had no luck. It wasn't the best night for me, as I also spent a half an hour driving around trying to find the Physical Graffiti building to find out that it no longer exists.
  13. Hey everybody, I just bought tickets to the Merce Cunningham at 90 show with JPJ and sonic Youth in April the other day and I was reading about it and I wanted to know if anyone knows if each performer plays their own set or if they are just playing the piece that the 3 performers wrote. Please help if you know anything about this. Thanks
  14. mightyzep247

    Billy Powell of Lynyrd Skynyrd is gone

    I just heard about this 15 minutes ago. I am so shocked and sad. Billy was such a good piano player and really made Skynyrd what they are. I'm so glad I at least got to see him live, in 2006. He was such an incredible musician. RIP Billy, you will be missed.
  15. mightyzep247

    favorite non LZ songs

    Anything by: The Who Pink Floyd Rush The Black Keys Mountain Lynyrd Skynyrd Heart Aerosmith and there's more but it's late and I can't think right now