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  1. Live long and Prosper. These shows are the best. I hope they make more with the younger Kirk and Spock. Unbelievable.
  2. Got some gulf shrimp with a hint of BP going to wash it all down with a Nehi pop. Paid for it with my independence card.
  3. ^ who was he bawling? Maybe we could get some former groupies from Newcastle to help us.
  4. Wow! A red flag. And a driver sent to Priness Grace RX. Now I can watch the last 32 laps.
  5. ^ I got through 25 laps and then I was feeling dizzy. The black smoking f1 did nothing for me stuck in the middle of the road. Let me know when all 78 laps are over. I need a better wreck to get excited over before the yellow flag comes out.
  6. Thanks, SAJ That explains the story of the 2 Jonses much more succinctly than a Brinks truck backing up because he was raiding the cookie cabinets at RAP's house. So now Wes, just when did he get into the goods?
  7. A block of Government cheese and a bottle of Mad dog 20/20.
  8. Don't the CEOs and politicians do the same thing? Top CEOs and politicians fly on private jets, own large mansions vacation on expansive yachts, send their children to private schools and work much less hours than the average worker. I don't see them in the line that the average man has to wait in. All I won't is my shitty public transportation, section 8 housing in a Run down rat infested neighborhood, a free ticket to an amusement park where I wait in line all day to get on a crappy water flume and my substandard education provided by unionized teachers hat don't give a shit. Yeah t
  9. I'll take the ostrich since it is low cholesterol. Boneless wings or original bone in?
  10. It's time has come to remove it. How many more times do we do this? Where is round 2?
  11. I have to second the Flintstones especially, if The Great Gazoo was in the episodes. He really taught those dumb dumbs a thing or 2.
  12. Damn it is hard keeping up with Jones. It was love it wasn't love. He got the gigs because he was talented or because he married well. Wes, what is your Take? Does this Chuck guy have the goods? Coud you explain it to me in an a script font so I don't have to squint so badly?
  13. Well Wes, we look at it this way. It is not only solar powered but it is also atomically engineered. Any other questions? Dial W for Wisenheimer. Got that poochy boy?
  14. ^ Cecil, please do not inform these non believers of too many astrophysical secrets. Too much education can be dangerous to feeble minded nitwits.
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