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  1. I don't know. A lot of these are obviously plagiarism, a lot aren't. Either way - they had such an energy that delivered it in a completely new way, I would call it innovative. Sometimes all it takes is a spark - and Page seems like the type that does that - its a cover to critics, but to me - it's an entity of its own.
  2. Yeah, Page didn't add phase mods until the 80's after LZ broke up, which is a common misconception.
  3. There are tabs....but using your ear is the best tool you can refine. It's frustrating at first, I sometimes use Amazing Slow Downer or similar programs to hear it bit by bit. You kind of have to "feel" Page's playing, and translate that to yours.
  4. Let me ask you: How many Zep comedians can you name off the top of your head? .... exactly. This guy's the only one. That's precisely why we take it seriously at first.
  5. Topics like this are particularly sensitive, usually I don't put my thoughts into them but I will regarding the 9/11 attacks being a lifetime New York-er, around 14 at the time it all happened. The idea is that controlled demolition was the cause of the twin towers collapsing, which is made out to seem really convincing to viewers on youtube, make logical conclusions, use persuasive rhetoric....the list goes on. But I choose not to believe it (it's rather absurd) for several reasons. The quickest way to disprove most of them is simply by searching google images and taking a fast look yourself.
  6. Sweet. American Hustle, now this. Don't really care about that ad besides Zeppelin, but hey, the more the merrier.
  7. It's not just louder - the musical presence is simply closer. 90's CD's (I have Dark Side of the Moon for instance) sound like the mic is ten feet away from the amplifier. Why? That's a woz70 question lol. Has t do with remasters.
  8. Here's the thing, and my honest opinion. Strats are more dynamic due to the floating tremolo and the cutaway design of the guitar for more efficient playing. Especially the HM ones of the late 80's with Floyd Rose systems. Can they do Page? Yes, better if you have a HSS rather than SSS and a rosewood neck. But if you're really going for the Page tone, you've got to get a Les Paul. Not a Studio, the real GIBSON deal, and add a phase mod in the later years of owning it. In my book, it also MUST be honeyburst and nothing else. Color has no base of scientific support, but hey - it might just c
  9. <<< NAMM 2014 >>> With NAMM taking off, I thought this would be a great time to share your thoughts on new products from Marshall, Gibson, Fender,Orange, etc. as well as anything you found particularly interesting and / or cool. I'll start it off: New Gibson guitars 2014, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okxZghpmR8Y
  10. Music Hall MMF-5 ...oh yeah, and a Sony PS-LX300USB
  11. WTF. My vinyl is 200 gram....but NEVER seen a clear version. Rock on mate!
  12. -11 a few days ago in NYC. Chicago's got it worse...
  13. Haha! Whatever you say mate...if you INSIST. I'm still ok with Winamp though,,, :-)
  14. Haha! Well...it still is an approximation, if impractically so in bits. But yeah, the stairstep is indeed a fallacy. Look mate, I prefer analogue not based on science, but simply it's sound. High quality ANYTHING, be it digital or analogue I like. I'd take either any day over mp3 :-) I'm all for the future technology, I embrace it as well as the past.I guess I'm a "ubiquitous multi chronological technology embracer" if you catch my drift. :-)
  15. Woz, see this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir7J0tAAdIQ I wouldn't call it a great comparison, but there are subtle background noise differences in the two. Not by much. ? Dude, that's not how you originally posted. There is no "preferred" program, like woz said, the're all the same basic thing...I don't think you understand the vinyl process if only for people who like vinyl and have the collections / equipment. The best method is by far the CD, it's quicker and more efficient. My method, again originally stated in my first post, is NOT for everyone. Vinyl and CD's a
  16. Before assumptions are made, I'd like to say a bit about myself: I'm a Led Zeppelin purist. I prefer vinyl based on the numerous tests and comparisons I've done to CD's. No math or data analysis involved, simply listening. And, vinyl simply sounded "better" to my ears, despite the noise. That's where I'm coming from. Speaking of noise, my rips do have a slight amount, but that isn't something that particularly bothers me as it doesn't interfere with the sound quality. That's the nature of vinyl (I like ironically). All your nifty comparisons are indeed true; I tend not to worry though. Eve
  17. 1. I'm talking the post-conversion bitrate of vinyl in FLAC codec. You're right, vinyl itself has no bitrate O.o 2. Really? I thought CD's are instantly converted into mp3, which is usually maxed out @ 320 kbps. Learned something new today :-) .Either way, talking kilobits, vinyl still has a bit more dynamic range than a CD, arguably. 3. Should have specified a bit more. When I say "best possible quality" , I mean consumer - attainable. I ( a NY-er) am close to Atlantic's headquarters, but still, I don't have the guts to just walk in and ask for 10 years of uncompressed & thee orig
  18. Ever though your LZ mp3's were best quality? Think again. ***This is NOT for everyone, only those who have the TIME, LP collections, and $$$. This is pretty complicated stuff only intended for audiophiles. If you said yes to the first question, this isn't for you. Just a kindly heads up*** Today I will show you the utmost of proper methods to obtain the absolute BEST, no-catch Led Zeppelin audio quality. Disclaimer: You will need some LP's (or a friend with some) in order to do this for the songs you want. If you aren't concerned with digital copies, plug your speaker/headphones into your
  19. This was back in 2011, but it's still quite interesting how a guy simply woke up one day and decided to mold his future name after the magnitude of LZ LINK: http://www.musicradar.com/us/news/guitars/cool-64-year-old-man-changes-his-name-to-led-zeppelin-ii-498123 His motive - "to be a better person than I used to be"
  20. No, but you can try this **handy** tool called the Amazing Slow Downer. I use it more often than tabs for such intricate solos. http://www.ronimusic.com/ . This guy is quite helpful also since he is proficient with every LZ instrument imaginable, and nearly nails every song. http://www.youtube.com/user/larzgallows for visual reference.
  21. ^ +1 Whoa, lemme get this straight my man. You're saying your television refreshes 240 x a second ("hertz") yet all film including TSRTS is shot in 24 fps? Knowing the core basics of upscaling frame rates, it's technically an artificial "240 fps", where 24 of those are actual, 216 are CGI I believe. Is it a placebo effect or does the experience feel any more exhilarating or smoother (I imagine it would seem more lifelike / saturated?? From my experience in film, I'm telling you - you're tv is pretty sweet ;-}
  22. TSRTS - re-edit to original to release early 2014.

  23. I made this in photoshop today (in 10 minutes haha) trying to depict TSRTS through LZ's characters. Not really "funny" except Robert's face of course :-) Let me know what you think of my "attempt" for my first (and somewhat shitty) PS image. I'm still proud of how it turned out though.
  24. 3D - that sounds really cool. How is it converted? I'm guessing some sort bi-layering of the images to create a stereoscopy. Wikipedia says "This technique is distinguished from 3D displays that display an image in three full dimensions, allowing the observer to increase information about the 3-dimensional objects being displayed by head and eye movements." Are 3D televisons worth it? Might consider one :-}
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