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  1. what a beautiful pic of Robert....
  2. congrats,it is great being a grandparent! i have 4 and love it.. you take care and enjoy! xoxo janet

  3. hi janet,thanks for the comment,i am doing well.i recently became a grandfather,so i have been busy and have not been on the forum for a while.hope you are well.it was great to hear from you.you know where i am if you ever want to chat.take care bye for now.

  4. hello dodge,just stopping by to say hello.hope all is well with you..

    take care xoxo janet

  5. I found this photo on the net. couldn't find where to put it,I thought their was a groupie thread? sorry if this is in wrong place. but i have never seen this one. as wondering who the girl was.
  6. Hi i am dodge from the uk,and i have just joined the zep forum.I was browsing through profiles and you caught my eye.So i thought i would say hello.I have been a zep fan for 35 years and have seen them twice in the uk,both times in the early seventies.I would love to hear from you just to chat,as i said i am new to this and am still awaiting my first reply.see ya.

  7. those are really great, thanks for sharing! you are very good!!
  8. awsome drawings, very talented!
  9. AWSOME! you are very good!!
  10. txjj44

    Logan Plant 2006

    a friend sent this to me and i about fell out my chair,,He looks just like his dad,sooo sexy!!
  11. GOOD GOD!!!! he is breathtaking!!! thanks for sharing!
  12. I would love to have one! where can you get it?????
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never seen this one thanks! I about fell out of my chair! Is it getting hot in here! or is it me?? LOL he is breathtaking!
  14. Love this one of him! makes me want to kiss him~
  15. WOW, thanks for sharing, beautiful place!
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