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    lancashire england
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    blues rock zep zz top lynyrd skynyrd hendrix etc. My family,my children and people.
  1. Hi Gina,i am well thanks,hope all is well with you in sunny california,take care.

  2. Hi Dodge, how ya been lately? just wanted to stop by and say hello!

  3. Hi eagleblower thanks for adding me to your friends list.I am really a blues rock fan and have seen some great bands live,led zep,lynyrd skynyrd,aerosmith,sabbath,deep purple,santana and many more.I have an 18 year old son who is now into rock,looks like i taught him well.I hope to still be rockin when i'm in the old folks home.bye for now

  4. congrats,it is great being a grandparent! i have 4 and love it.. you take care and enjoy! xoxo janet

  5. hi janet,thanks for the comment,i am doing well.i recently became a grandfather,so i have been busy and have not been on the forum for a while.hope you are well.it was great to hear from you.you know where i am if you ever want to chat.take care bye for now.

  6. hello dodge,just stopping by to say hello.hope all is well with you..

    take care xoxo janet

  7. Hi daisy may,or if you prefer Dorian,thanks for the reply.It was great to hear from you.I saw zep in 72 and 75 in the uk,greatmemories.hope your garden is looking good after your hard work,i live in an apartment so i dont have a garden to look after.thanks again for the reply,take care,bye for now.

  8. Hi Medhb,thanks for the reply,for adding me to your friends list,and most of all for the beautiful smile.Take care.

  9. Ahh, thank you for the kind words Dodge! I see we're both Lynyrd Skynyrd fans too! Here's a smile just for you!! ; )

  10. Hi Medhb,i just read your comment to manderlyh,and felt like commenting myself.theres a line in a zep song ,the greatest thing you ever can do now is trade a smile with someone whos blue now.in your case a kind word is sent.it is amazing sometimes whata kind word can do to lift someone.i can tell from this and reading your profile that you are a wonderful person with a big heart.i wish there were

  11. Hi Silvia,thanks for the message.Great to hear from zep fans anywhere.I was lucky to see them twice,i wish it was more but i will have to be satisfied with the two.I became a fan very young,age 11 and i am now a grandad.I dont think i will ever grow out of it,i hope not anyway.Great to chat to you,i joined this forum for exactly that reason,to chat to nice friendly people from all over the world.S

  12. My brother had borrowed zep 4 off a mate.I came home just as black dog was ending.Then i heard the drum intro to rock and roll and to borrow your quote i was hooked.That as in 1971,i was 11.Two years later in december 72 i saw them live at the hardrock,stretford Manchester.I was thrilled when they opened with that now famous drum intro.3 years after that i saw them at earls court,having queued over night in manchester for my ticket.And they opened with rock and roll again.My kids dont understand how i can still listen to them after over 35 years,they wonder why i dont get bored.I may try to explain it to them one day.
  13. Hi Dodge, Glad to meet another Zep Head! So you're from the merry ole? I lived there for a year or so back in the eighties but had to leave... ran out of money! Miss it terribly though.

  14. Hi,Tiina63,i am dodge from the uk.I just thought i would say hello,if you dont mind.I just like to chat to fellow zep fans,so say hello some time.Bye.

  15. Hi,dodge here.Just thought i would say hello,if you dont mind.I am from the uk,and am just looking to chat to fellow zep fans,so dont be shy.Say hello some time.

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