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    I have been listening to led zep sence 1974, my older brother got me into them . Thats when he started to play the guitar. Sence then I have always been a Page lover hanging up posters on my walls. Through the years I have always listened to them. But now I'am obsessed totally!!!! I have become a Pagette ha..ha....It would be my dream to see Jimmy, Robert,or John Paul Jones!! especially Page!!

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  1. gina62

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Its so crazy how I feel like he is a part of my family, do a lot of you feel the same way?
  2. gina62

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Happy Birthday Pagette!!
  3. WOW was awesome !!,Seeing Robert so emotional made me feel that way too I think it did bring it full circle the song STH just shows how america loved and still loves this song. Its strength and feel good and spiritual all in one !!!! :)
  4. gina62

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    It is so beautiful !!! Thanks !!
  5. gina62

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I agree he just seems so happy !!
  6. this is just sooooo.. beautiful!!!
  7. zdr

    Happy B-Day!!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lady!!!! Make it a great day:-)

  9. Thanks Steve! I always love reading your post.Love how you stick to your guns!

  10. Hi Gina,i am well thanks,hope all is well with you in sunny california,take care.

  11. hi Deb, WOW!! what a great find is one of my favs now!! Love when you catch him smiling!
  12. thanks!!!


  13. o and by the way great minds think alike ha..ha..my virgo friend!!

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