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  1. I'd say 1979-07-24 is a pretty good choice, good recording with the band on fire with one of the best setlists they ever played, probably the best TYG ever and a brilliant ALS Another one would be Montreux 1970 as mentioned before I want to give the MSG shows in 1973 some praise too, the best Roberts voice was the whole year and good soundboards
  2. If I could change one filming decision in Zeps career it'd be to have them record the evening MSG show 1970-09-19 instead of RAH, that show is still my #1, it's perfect
  3. I love that Stairway, pretty crazy that the longest solo is on the last performance too, it's without a doubt an interesting last concert
  4. Well we all know how Jimmy is, perfectionist to the nth degree, I think Zep shows should be enjoyed in full, there's a reason it was "A night with Led Zeppelin" instead of just Zeppelin in concert, I want the whole thing, the atmosphere means more to me than not hearing a bum note or two, I want it, warts and all!
  5. The beginning third really is the best part of the show but I agree, it's certainly not as bad as people say, anything with Zeppelin recorded on video is a plus in my book, put on the video with the godfather cds in the background and it's really quite enjoyable
  6. The recording really is good, being recorded in a theatre probably helped a tonne, I think the capacity is about 2 000 too and that's really the perfect amount for a recording. I probably listen to this show once a week it feels like, second most played show after 1970-09-19. Oh and I rewatched the Knebworth show(8/4, not touching 8/11 for a while again) and is it me or is WLL pretty fucking fantastic? I love how Percy really belts out the whole song, singing from his damn toes!
  7. That's true, TYG from Knebworth is amazingly emotional, the one from 7/24 has one of the best solos though
  8. I love (the first) Knebworth show because it's a solid show that's beautifully recorded, soundwise it's pretty good too if you get the release with matrix audio but the second night in Copenhagen blows it away, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think it blows EVERY show after 1972 away, the '73 european tour, MSG in '73, Earls court and seattle/forum in 1975 and the forum gigs in 1977. I mean there's really nothing to complain about, no 40 minute moby dick(I usually like them but when they play more songs instead of a long solo I'm all for it), a 20 song long setlist, one of their strongest set lists ever if you ask me, Jimmy is on freaking fire, Robert has his nice consistent post-1977 voice.... It's brilliant really, a MUST have for anyone who enjoys Zeppelin live If only they played like that on both Knebworth gigs, it would be the greatest concert DVD of all time
  9. Percy's voice in '71 was just perfect
  10. I'm 100% with you, I personally place it higher then the forum gigs in 1977(I know I'm pretty alone in that though
  11. The full show is out there, "Fixin' to Die" is the best release I think Found the full show (See it as a gift from Finlands brother from the west)
  12. Hmm I haven't listened to this show in ages, I'm definitely gonna put it on and get back with y'all! Just started and HOLY CRAP I forgot how incredible the sound quality is, one of the best soundboards ever, I just need to find a good matrix and I'll be set, a matrix with a soundboard of this quality and Mike Millards audience tape is bound to be perfect
  13. The best TYG for me is 1979/07/24 without a doubt, the tone and the last guitar solo is just so unique and perfectly executed
  14. Definitely better sound quality but I've listened to 9-19 way more because it's frankly a way better performance and that's saying a lot
  15. Oh it's my time to shine! As many of you may know already this is my absolute favorite show they ever did, I've listened to most of the versions available and it's not really much of a difference between them, it's the best recording ever and no amount of tweaking will really change that, with that said the one I listen to(more than once a week) is a fan remaster of it called "Funeral for a Friend" which I found was the most pleasing to my ears, everyone really should give this show a listen, it's just amazing
  16. I'll have too go with EC, LA '77 is of course amazing but Jimmy's playing at EC is a little bit tighter, Plants voice is at it's best since the end of '72(albeit after a couple of songs as warmup) and I also really like the mood and plantations at EC, having video of it helps too of course
  17. I mus say I prefer "Funeral For a Friend" myself, a personal remaster from someone quite nice
  18. 1970-09-19, I think I've said it ten times before but it really is incredible, my all time favorite for sure
  19. You don't think the L'Olympia release changed his philosophy?
  20. Oh well let's hope for that then! Wouldn't be multitracked though of course
  21. Well my bad then, what about Pontiac 1977/4/30?
  22. I doubt ole' Pagey would release something like that(unless he's sitting on the Houston and Pontiac shows that were pro shot), it would basically be a clip show of different 8 mm footage, if you haven't already I can recommend Cosmic Energy's Assemblage I & II for that Just realized that he could do a official release of the Earls Court gigs, TSRTS style, taking the best from both, is the show up to Pagey standard though?
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