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  1. BlyZeppelinaren

    Favorite/Best Achilles Last Stand?

    So I've been going back listening to a lot of later Zep shows and with that of course comes the VERY good set lists of 77-80 and I was wondering what live rendition of ALS y'all prefer! Been watching a lot of 1979/08/04 lately and I quite like that, 1977/06/21 comes to mind as well, what do you guys think?
  2. BlyZeppelinaren

    Favorite HMMT performance?

    Hey all, first post here so you're welcome to shout at me for making dumb mistakes but I want to know what your favorite performance of How Many More Times is, it's my favorite Zep song(making it my all time favorite song) and it's always brilliant live. My favorite version of it is probably from 3-17-69 in denmark but I'd be interested in what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSIS0o7vtPE
  3. So I've started to collect as much of Zeppelin's performances recorded on video as I can, Assemblage I and II, DVD, TSRTS(and the GREAT fanedit In for a Quick Garden) and now I've come across the Seattle show and I'm confused... I mean 1977 was a bit of a rollercoaster year for Zep, we have shows like the LA Forum which is among the best they've done and then there's Tempe and Oakland too... So my question is about Seattle, I can't figure out what's wrong with it, I mean Jimmy is not at his best but it feels like it's more of a mixing fault or something, it just sounds dry and... I don't know, wrong I guess? I want to give it another shot so what releases would you recommend? Or is it just a mediocre performance? Haha
  4. BlyZeppelinaren

    Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    I'd say 1979-07-24 is a pretty good choice, good recording with the band on fire with one of the best setlists they ever played, probably the best TYG ever and a brilliant ALS Another one would be Montreux 1970 as mentioned before I want to give the MSG shows in 1973 some praise too, the best Roberts voice was the whole year and good soundboards
  5. BlyZeppelinaren

    Live Aid 1985

    Live Aid gets undeserved shit, I mean yeah they shouldn't have played in the state they were in, needed way more rehearsing but what we got isn't that bad, Jimmy's gear is horribly tuned and the audio levels are all over the place but if you actually listen to what he's playing he's doing a pretty good job! Better than some 77 shows
  6. BlyZeppelinaren

    May 3rd 1971 Copenhagen

    Seattle is one of the shows I just can't listen to because the sound quality is so horrendous, I love the idea of the near 3 hour show as early as 72 but man.... The sound is really rough, to the point that you can barely tell which song you're listening to
  7. BlyZeppelinaren

    Best Led Zeppelin Tour

    One band has toured with better songs and it's Zeppelin in '79, Copenhagen to be exact
  8. BlyZeppelinaren

    1975 Soundboard list

    He's even better there than he was in pretty much all of '73 and march of '75, if he hadn't caught that damn thing '75 would have probably been the best tour they ever played, even with his voice it's one of my favorite tours And damn Percy rips the harmonica up PS. I could have totally seen IMToD be switched with WtLB, like go between them on different nights, would have been really cool
  9. BlyZeppelinaren

    Your favorite Zeppelin Set List?

    For me it's either late summer of 72 or Copenhagen/Knebworth followed by 19/9/1970(it's gotta be in there too) Oh and I really like Japan 71, especially 29/9
  10. BlyZeppelinaren

    1975 Soundboard list

    Januari was obviously a rough month with Jimmys finger and Percys flu but man, Wanton Song and WTLB are without a doubt the highlight of those shows, does anybody here know why they were dropped so quickly?
  11. BlyZeppelinaren

    1975 Soundboard list

    It's a shame there's no soundboard for any of the january gigs, I want a good quality version of Wanton Song and WtLB
  12. BlyZeppelinaren

    What do YOU consider to be the holy grail of live concert footage?

    If I could change one filming decision in Zeps career it'd be to have them record the evening MSG show 1970-09-19 instead of RAH, that show is still my #1, it's perfect
  13. BlyZeppelinaren

    Led Zeppelin's WORST show?

    I love that Stairway, pretty crazy that the longest solo is on the last performance too, it's without a doubt an interesting last concert
  14. BlyZeppelinaren

    Good vocal performance by Plant in later years

    I don't think you can pin it on one year really, I mean the early part of 75 was bad but march and onward is fine I think, parts of 73 and 77 is worse if you ask me, hell late 72 was pretty rough, the worst month of Roberts voice might be January of 1975 though
  15. BlyZeppelinaren

    It was 44 Years Years Ago Today, On Blueberry Hill They Played

    Y'all need more 1970/9/19
  16. I knew it was from the song but I've never heard the original, Zeppelin were pretty damn amazing at incorporating other song into their own
  17. BlyZeppelinaren

    Favorite live version of In My Time of Dying...

    I'd add Trampled Underfoot to consistently well played songs, not quite at the level of IMTOD but TUF was for the most part very well executed
  18. BlyZeppelinaren

    Favorite live version of In My Time of Dying...

    I'll put another vote for both 24/5/75 and 25/5/75, they're both brilliant, love the raspy power that Percy gets out for these songs, his 75-voice fits pretty well with it
  19. BlyZeppelinaren

    1979: Copenhagen v Knebworth

    Well we all know how Jimmy is, perfectionist to the nth degree, I think Zep shows should be enjoyed in full, there's a reason it was "A night with Led Zeppelin" instead of just Zeppelin in concert, I want the whole thing, the atmosphere means more to me than not hearing a bum note or two, I want it, warts and all!
  20. BlyZeppelinaren

    7/17/77: Reappraising the Seattle Kingdome Show

    The beginning third really is the best part of the show but I agree, it's certainly not as bad as people say, anything with Zeppelin recorded on video is a plus in my book, put on the video with the godfather cds in the background and it's really quite enjoyable
  21. BlyZeppelinaren

    1979: Copenhagen v Knebworth

    The recording really is good, being recorded in a theatre probably helped a tonne, I think the capacity is about 2 000 too and that's really the perfect amount for a recording. I probably listen to this show once a week it feels like, second most played show after 1970-09-19. Oh and I rewatched the Knebworth show(8/4, not touching 8/11 for a while again) and is it me or is WLL pretty fucking fantastic? I love how Percy really belts out the whole song, singing from his damn toes!
  22. BlyZeppelinaren

    Baker's Dozen - Best Sounding AUD Sources

    The Ipswich show on the 16th is brilliant aswell, I'd say the uk winter tour in 1971 is Robert at his peak for me at least
  23. BlyZeppelinaren

    Best crowd/taper

    I agree on Moby dick being more interesting overall but man.... The intro to MD is some of the best guitar work Jimmy ever did, the whole tone on LZ II is perfect, so raw and rugged
  24. BlyZeppelinaren

    Tour Over Europe 1980: A Glimmer of Hope or a Wet Book of Matches?

    Interesting thought, I mean it was all very low key compared to the earlier tours, maybe he held back for the sake of the shows and Jimmy's state? Pure speculation of course
  25. BlyZeppelinaren

    1979: Copenhagen v Knebworth

    That's true, TYG from Knebworth is amazingly emotional, the one from 7/24 has one of the best solos though