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  1. It sounds like you're suggesting Led Zeppelin I was recorded in mono and is mixed in false stereo. Just want to clear the confusion because it seems like JTM and I missed something reading your posts.
  2. It's 4/24. I've got that exact boot in my room, it's the stereo stage recording from April 24th '69
  3. That's what I was thinking, it's probably ghost vocals left over from a different vocal take. Like sixpense mentioned, it's also in Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
  4. All of their albums are really top notch, you really can't go wrong with anything you start with. Their newest album Nonagon Infinity is one continuous looping album; every song plays directly into the next one and the final song loops perfectly back into the first song. That's a great one to check out. My favorite album though is I'm In Your Mind Fuzz, all of the tracks are excellent and you will not be disappointed! One thing that's great about their discography is that every album is as good as the others. They've released 8 albums in the past 4 years and their music hasn't faltered o
  5. I would pay some quality money to see that! The show was KILLER, they played a solid hour and a half show and did a lot from Nonagon Infinity. They sounded excellent and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Got only one good photo with a few vidoes but I highly recommend seeing these guys live!
  6. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is at the Rock Hall tonight, I'll be there with a couple friends to watch the show. There's less than 100 in attendance so it'll be a great intimate show!
  7. Woah that's one freaking rare video!! I've never seen that before, amazing This reminded me of something I've been looking for for a long time, there's this SUPER low quality video of The River from Quebec 2001 on YouTube and I cannot find any other footage of higher quality of any other parts of the show. Google searches yield no results. This version of the song is KILLER and I would love a full high quality version, anybody out there have any info?
  8. I'm going to see Yonatan Gat this Friday night at the Happy Dog in Lakewood. Should be interesting, check out the dude's live shows, worth seeing him live. I'm also finally seeing the Eagles of Death Metal on Saturday, May 28 in Columbus. I missed them last time around when they played in East Cleveland at the grog shop in September, so I'm glad I can catch them this time around. I'm going with my girlfriend and it'll be a fun drive down there to watch the band and explore the city a little bit
  9. yeah no kidding! I was surprised nobody else mentioned it before I did, but I'm glad that I did!
  10. I was going to make a new post on here and noticed I totally neglected to ever reply to you! I feel guilty now, my apologies Strider! They're skipping Cleveland on this tour unfortunately. They're closing the tour at the Greek Theatre though, that should be an awesome show. I'm going to see a local Pink Floyd tribute band I know personally tonight called Wish You Were Here. It's their 20th anniversary tour so I'm gonna get a treat tonight!
  11. Hiya Terry! That was me over on YouTube that sent you the link to the booklet (TheRover1977). Small world, huh?
  12. Winston's remaster called "How the West Was Redone" is exactly the same material as HTWWW, just "remixed." He took the separate tracks from the 5.1 surround sound DVD and just did a little remixing, turning down the master volume a few decibels to get rid of the terrible "brickwalling" that's going on in the official HTWWW CD. If you're looking for more material, How the West Was Redone is the exact same as HTWWW. There's a transfer of the master tape from Long Beach circulating, definitely recommend that, it's the best sounding audience version IMO.
  13. I always thought that this live version was spectacular, this has one hell of a blast off solo IMO. It's got a nice bit of Carouselambra in there, too.
  14. We've already got a similar topic going, about the worst booleg cover art. Titles aren't usually as horrid as the artwork can be at times! http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/21982-worst-bootleg-cover-art/&page=1
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