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  1. I'm surprised there arent any complaints or gripes over the fact that anyone who bought these new CD's are not getting the full quality. It's like buying an HD movie in 720p , when they real release in 1080P or 4K has yet to come out
  2. That's interesting, nice. Bonzo's shirt is drenched in sweat and looks like those toothpicks would snap in half a second. The video is blocked, but I got the DVD and will check out.
  3. I saw mention that today marks the 47th Birthday of this show. Upon closer observation of other pictures taken, I noticed Bonhams drum sticks !! It looks like a toy stick to play a child's Xylophone What's up with those sticks ? And extremely thin too, looks like Bonham could easily crack and break those sticks too.
  4. LOL, Hendrix had a sterling reputation and clean as a whistle. He was a friggin Junkie
  5. Anything is better than the O2 Video. It makes me sick with motion sickness the constant changing of video every 3 seconds. I refuse to watch the O2 performance.
  6. There is absolutely no no no no possible way that is Robert singing. So many different clues point that not Robert
  7. Let's not forget, it's actually costs money every year to keep that Star on the street. Major Kudos to Page for turning this down. Hollywood should be on their knees worshiping their feet...haha
  8. I've seen this picture before years ago, but it never had bottom quote - The Golden God Knows...
  9. I never got into Steve Vai, Satrani or Malmsteen. Anyone into Andrés Segovia ?? Under Page, I think Alex Skolnick is an absolute God. Here is my favorite solo >
  10. lol, the news is so pathetic. They act all surprised and make a big story wondering why it's abandoned..... meanwhile tons of neighborhoods all in that area with houses selling for a whopping $1 and nobody buying
  11. That sucks, but look on the good side. When he comes back, he may do a completely different set list then what was originally to be done.
  12. lol, what I mean is there is really nothing spectacular about their live shows. You can go to any random bar on a typical Friday night, drink some beers and enjoy some kick ass rock and jamming blues. A person may get an extra thrill seeing Jagger in person or Richards coffin rolling across the stage, but that's pretty much the height of their performance.
  13. How much money did the Rolling Stones make at their show ? Nothing close to the % Zeppelin made and they never had opening bands. I don't think they were jealous of everything, but definitely some things.
  14. Stones are great, but I think of them as a Bar band and nothing else or spectacular live. Every band will be forever jealous of Zeppelin.
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