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  1. At every show in 75 there were magical moments! The first few shows with The Wonton Song, and WTLB and HMMT Jesus these 75 performances are awesome! Jimmy playing with an injured finger and all! Feb 16 was an awesome end to the first leg and March 28th is a fucking amazing show to start the second. March 12th I believe is one of the best if not THE best of 75. Amungts my favorites are Seattle 21st. LA 25th. (All of them really) Vancouver 20th. Dallas 5th. Baton Rouge 28th. St Louis 16th. Msg 12th msg 10th. Phili 8th. And man those LA shows are extremely experimental is songs like dazed and NQ. Longest dazed ever performed on the 27th. Really cool. Can't ever forget Earls Court! All 5! The AUD tapes The first 3 shows actually sound good! Seattle's dazed has awesome solos and rythm moments like right b4 the San Fran part they hit this new jam for about 10 Seconds. And Robert sang for what its worth and I shot the sherif in place of San fran. Really awesome sound. And long Beach 12th dazed has another awesome part right b4 the bow solo man they go into this funky ass jam for another 10 seconds. Not to mention the playing at that show is just extremely fluid. They were truly in sync that night. Anyway I ramble, 75 is my all time fav year! Next comes 73 then 77 then 72.... The rest is random.
  2. I just noticed something. I joined this site on the 40th anniversary of the March 24th 1975 LA Forum show! Awesome! 

  3. I get a little confused with these rotterdam photos because he keeps changing. Like in some photos he's got, like, plain jeans on. Then in others he's got the star pants on. Idk I still love these early concerts cuz they did songs like WTLB and HMMT
  4. Been gone for a long time, 3 years. Well I'm back now! 

  5. Yeah i cant pick a favorite version..... I really like them all from the first one in 75 at Brussels all the way threw 75 and 77. That song is a really good, heavy and awesome show starter!
  6. Really love that Earls court May 24th version. It really is a gem
  7. And just because we have never got to hear them, i would love these ones too 4-12-77 Bloomington 4-13-77 St. Paul 4-15-77 St. Louis 4-17-77 Indianapolis
  8. Dirty work I agree!!!! lol great comment!!! And Nutrocker I am not, could you fill me in??? I didnt even know there was a recording of this show. I never found one/...
  9. Yeah, he was rusty and really high lol
  10. Nutrocker we been over this before, HELL YES i want a an AUD or sbd ANYTHING at least if its full show of tempe!!! Hell yeah! and Greensboro75 was an awesome show! SBDs are my fave but i also do really love aud recordings... Even the crappy ones... ANY of those firswwt JAN 75 shows would be awesome on SBD because that set list was really cool... allthough it is way better come feb and the marathons ... But shit im happy with what we have already man
  11. I really love these shows, along with many others. i am a HUGE 1975 fan and if they ever release sbds of these shows i would be so fucking happy!!!! What do you think? 1975.02.06 Led Zeppelin Montreal Forum 1975.02.03 Led Zeppelin Madison Square Garden NY 1975.02.04 Led Zeppelin Uniondale NY 1975.01.29 Led Zeppelin Greensboro NC 1975.02.10 Led Zeppelin Landover Maryland I really enjoy these shows especially the earlier ones like Brussels and chicago because the fucking KILL IT on The Wonton Song and Levee. And i love to hear the rare 1975 version of How Many More Times. Just amazing even with Jimmy a broken finger and Roberts voice in the trash, they still make it good man!! Love it!!!!!!!
  12. Hey man cool! I am glad you like it!!!! Enjoy my friend! New stuff is up and also make sure you thoroughly read threw everything! Youll find everything and anything you eed ZEP! Have fun matey!!!! Its people like you who make me feel great about it!!! thanks bud!!
  13. Got it and it is an AMAZING show! Pretty damn awesome!!!
  14. These shows are definitely gems! I have always loved these shows and i dont think Jimmy will ever release these officially! He has stated in the past that he would rather put stuff out that has not been seen or bootlegged. Anyway for those of you who dont have these shows, you can download them for free on my blog here These are not links to downloads, they are links to my blog where I posted these shows for download, the links in the posts First night http://longliveledzeppelin.blogspot.com/2015/09/19790804-led-zeppelin-knebworth_29.html Second night http://longliveledzeppelin.blogspot.com/2015/09/19790811-led-zeppelin-knebworth_29.html
  15. Didnt he wear the dragon pants at the 1975 warmups before brussels? No wait i have pics and he wore the star pants with the studded top or brocaded top thanks mate
  16. Really?? Well thanks i didnt think it was that one
  17. I'm just curious if anyone knows what concert these photos are from. I dont thinks its the May 23rd Concert. I think its an earlier one like St. Louis.
  18. I agree. I am happy with the LA Boots that are out. I love the audience recordings. It would be awesome to get an unheard 77 or 75 show! Like Houston 75, the full Tempe 77. That be cool! I would be so happy to hear that Houston 75 show!
  19. He may have had an affair with the white lady. But thats not why he was gaunt! Cmon you know he was dancing with Mr brownstone since the end of 75 when Robert has his car accident. During his off time from 75 to 77 he got hooked. And I dont care what anyone says, He may have been skinny and, sometimes, looked bad and played sloppy, But that never made a difference to him. He made that shit look GOOD!
  20. I have collected a lot of zep. I know what i have and when i see something, i will know if i have it or not. I thought I had almost everything there was of 8mm vids and amateur vids of zep. But i just found this VERY AWESOME video of zep at Madison Square Garden Feb 7th 1975!!!! I am very happy right now! I wish there was more of this!!!
  21. Isnt that shit just the best??!?!?? I have always thought that there is no better version that this one! I used to wish that they based their future No Quarter's off of this one. I mean i like the 40 and 30 minute ones, but this one is always the best man no doubt!! Although I do REALLY REALLY like the Vancouver No Quarter of 3-20-75. Jimmy's soloing is so mind piercing!
  22. I think that the bootleg recordings are much better than the official HTWWW. I have heard Burn Like A Candle. But i Have the Welcome Back To How The West Was Won boxset and i have listened to this instead of HTWWW ever since i got it. I love the real live feel and how its not edited. Every song is there and you get to experience them in full on action un edited! I was thinking about making my own matrix remaster of the show using Burn Like A Candle, Welcome Back To HTWWW and the official HTWWW. But i never did. I think these concerts are amazingly powerful, Led Zeppelin very strong in 1972 and this is their peak 72 performances! I'm not sure what it is you're asking but thats my opinion
  23. The playing in this show is amazing! Right up there with the LA shows. This is zep at there peak!!!!! This show is one of the best definitely! When you listen to this show straight through, you get so into it, it really pulls you in and each song is a musical story that takes you on many journeys! I really got into this show. The Long Beach 12th show is also one of the BEST from the tour! Thats another show that is just perfect. Really takes you out there. And the LA shows are definitely top notch zep! The 40 some minute Dazed is just something out of this world! ANd all of the other long improves during these shows! I really love the LA shows and you can tell that they did too!!!!
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