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  1. hunter19877

    Rotterdam, Holland-Netherlands/ Ahoy January 11, 1975

    I get a little confused with these rotterdam photos because he keeps changing. Like in some photos he's got, like, plain jeans on. Then in others he's got the star pants on. Idk I still love these early concerts cuz they did songs like WTLB and HMMT
  2. hunter19877

    Long Live Led Zeppelin

    Hey guys its been about 3 years since ive been away. Well im back now and i just wanted to share my website with you. I think i may have done this already but here goes anyway http://longliveledzeppelin.blogspot.com/ Its all about zep only. there is a bootleg for every concert date they every performed spanning their 1968 to 1980 touring career (If there is a boot for said dates) Which are all available to download free. Using Mega. I just uploaded the new SBD from 75 Seattle, a real gem and im realy excited to have it. i know its not new anymore but its a new sbd for the 75 collection that we never had!!!!! for an awesome show too!!!!! well just remember anytime you need zep or want to perfect your collection, my website is there for the world. i just wanted to help make these boots available all in one place for us zepheads. it took a long time to complete my collection and i had to get the boots from a bunch of different places. and whenever i hear of new boots coming out, i try to get them and post them. so always check in! i hope you all enjoy!!!!!!! Also my youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM1b9ETPb33izVhIB52-E-g And facebook https://www.facebook.com/ledzep1987
  3. Been gone for a long time, 3 years. Well I'm back now! 

  4. hunter19877

    Sick Again Live

    Yeah i cant pick a favorite version..... I really like them all from the first one in 75 at Brussels all the way threw 75 and 77. That song is a really good, heavy and awesome show starter!
  5. hunter19877

    Tangerine - best live version

    Really love that Earls court May 24th version. It really is a gem
  6. hunter19877

    I would LOVE to hear a SBD of these shows

    And just because we have never got to hear them, i would love these ones too 4-12-77 Bloomington 4-13-77 St. Paul 4-15-77 St. Louis 4-17-77 Indianapolis
  7. hunter19877

    I would LOVE to hear a SBD of these shows

    Dirty work I agree!!!! lol great comment!!! And Nutrocker I am not, could you fill me in??? I didnt even know there was a recording of this show. I never found one/...
  8. hunter19877

    Achilles 4/3/77

    Yeah, he was rusty and really high lol
  9. hunter19877

    I would LOVE to hear a SBD of these shows

    Nutrocker we been over this before, HELL YES i want a an AUD or sbd ANYTHING at least if its full show of tempe!!! Hell yeah! and Greensboro75 was an awesome show! SBDs are my fave but i also do really love aud recordings... Even the crappy ones... ANY of those firswwt JAN 75 shows would be awesome on SBD because that set list was really cool... allthough it is way better come feb and the marathons ... But shit im happy with what we have already man
  10. I really love these shows, along with many others. i am a HUGE 1975 fan and if they ever release sbds of these shows i would be so fucking happy!!!! What do you think? 1975.02.06 Led Zeppelin Montreal Forum 1975.02.03 Led Zeppelin Madison Square Garden NY 1975.02.04 Led Zeppelin Uniondale NY 1975.01.29 Led Zeppelin Greensboro NC 1975.02.10 Led Zeppelin Landover Maryland I really enjoy these shows especially the earlier ones like Brussels and chicago because the fucking KILL IT on The Wonton Song and Levee. And i love to hear the rare 1975 version of How Many More Times. Just amazing even with Jimmy a broken finger and Roberts voice in the trash, they still make it good man!! Love it!!!!!!!
  11. hunter19877

    Led Zeppelin 1977.06.08 MSG NY

    Hey man cool! I am glad you like it!!!! Enjoy my friend! New stuff is up and also make sure you thoroughly read threw everything! Youll find everything and anything you eed ZEP! Have fun matey!!!! Its people like you who make me feel great about it!!! thanks bud!!
  12. hunter19877

    New Soundboard - March 3, 1975 Fort Worth

    Got it and it is an AMAZING show! Pretty damn awesome!!!
  13. hunter19877

    Knebworth DVD's

  14. hunter19877

    Knebworth DVD's

    These shows are definitely gems! I have always loved these shows and i dont think Jimmy will ever release these officially! He has stated in the past that he would rather put stuff out that has not been seen or bootlegged. Anyway for those of you who dont have these shows, you can download them for free on my blog here These are not links to downloads, they are links to my blog where I posted these shows for download, the links in the posts First night http://longliveledzeppelin.blogspot.com/2015/09/19790804-led-zeppelin-knebworth_29.html Second night http://longliveledzeppelin.blogspot.com/2015/09/19790811-led-zeppelin-knebworth_29.html
  15. hunter19877

    1975 concert photo what concert is this from?

    Didnt he wear the dragon pants at the 1975 warmups before brussels? No wait i have pics and he wore the star pants with the studded top or brocaded top thanks mate