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  1. Damn, i wish that Glen was still with us and healthy. It would be amazing to see Dennis, Mike, Neil and Alice do a big show or 2. I don't know if it would be the same or not but i'd pay to find out.
  2. Great stuff...i'm LMAO'ing. This gentleman does realize that the "children" were hysterical because they stated to realize that they could free themselves from the likes of him???
  3. Same here. Great laughs, many head shakes and just can't put it down.
  4. LMAO. Those 2 fine gents really are not the sharpest pencils in the box.
  5. Word. Rep hockey is just outrageous. Hours, cost, culture...and for what?
  6. ^9 Danny and Jeremy, where are they now? Bob Welch... http://vimeo.com/4499940
  7. 80 bucks to watch stars play for 15 minutes and then a bunch of rookies who may never play a down in the NFL? No thanks. The quote in bold is bang on, however.
  8. I dunno about ranking 1-5 because bands slip in and out of slots depending on mood. I love, Beatles Stones(1968-78) Zep Little Feat Floyd Pearl Jam R.E.M. The Who Earth Wind and Fire Weather Report Soundgarden Tragically Hip And 100's more..
  9. Hilarious! I was just thinking that one of the many things that endeared me to this band is the LACK of bad tracks/waste/filler. ANd now i'm being asked to find 9?!?!?!?! Fuck that! Darlene is the only song that i've ever skipped and i'm hard pressed to think of others.
  10. Hot damn...great thread! CTA is still a staple in my house. I was lucky enough to see TK and Chicago, 2 of my all time faves.
  11. Awesome. I'll be sure to be nice. Don't want to be on the receiving end of the "flick of the boot" after all...
  12. I'm with you Mr. Wolf. I've alway's thought that it sounded like devil people. Not for one minute suggesting that it is or was altered, just that it sounds that way to me as well. I'll never get sick of watching and listening to that version of D&C. It's a masterpiece.
  13. Wow, amazing pics Pat. My Grandmother retired to Bancroft and i used to go visit often. Beautiful country and beautiful pictures.
  14. Very very sad news. I was hoping he'd pull through.
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