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  1. Yes, the Beatles made it but Def Leppard didn't. Shocking indeed.
  2. Quite possibly the worst song ever written.
  3. Zepaholic

    Evster In Hospital With Cirrhosis

    I've never met him personally but Ev was the first to greet me and was alway's a class act. I really miss him here and i sincerely hope that he will pull through this. Get well, Ev.
  4. Zepaholic


    Damn, i wish that Glen was still with us and healthy. It would be amazing to see Dennis, Mike, Neil and Alice do a big show or 2. I don't know if it would be the same or not but i'd pay to find out.
  5. Zepaholic

    Paul Rodgers To Be Joined By Jason Bonham On U.K. Tour

    Atta boy, Jason. Hooking up with Paul Rodgers can never be a bad move. It's going to be a great tour.
  6. Zepaholic

    2011 Grammy Awards

    Lol, that will not be an issue. You have my word.
  7. Zepaholic

    The Beatles thread

    Great stuff...i'm LMAO'ing. This gentleman does realize that the "children" were hysterical because they stated to realize that they could free themselves from the likes of him???
  8. Zepaholic

    2011 Grammy Awards

    Very proud to say that i've NEVER watched the Grammy awards in my life. Ditto the Oscars.
  9. Zepaholic

    New Yorker Article on Scientology

    I just can't fathom how any individual could be so weak-minded that they fall for that crock of shit. It is indeed a cult. Mind rescuers needed, apply within.
  10. I agree wholeheartedly and it just f'ing sucks to hear that BD was banned.
  11. Zepaholic


    Olives. My Martini is naked without them.
  12. Danny is a good man, imo. Alway's opinionated(i like that) but forever honest. Be nice.
  13. Word. Vince is really a good guy but his opinion is as relevent as anybody else's around these parts. Rob is doing what HE wants to do and has earned his direction. I want otherwise but i have no say. No more Zeppelin. Game over.
  14. Zepaholic

    JP in Cuba

    What a steaming pile of unmitigated drivel!
  15. Zepaholic

    Thank You San Francisco For..

    My wife took a picture of me standing on those very steps. If i can find it i'll post it. Great and beautiful city. We just loved it.