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  1. Its a good image Currently I Interpret the joke as being solely for RPs benefit at the expense of the dreamers
  2. Yes I’m laughing my head off. What a joker. He’s outside it, not inside it and he looks like he’s waiting for someone. Side splitting..
  3. No I though the O2 was spectacular! I was referring to what went off post O2 .
  4. Yep something else, no matter how small. Before they’re physically dead at least. Something positive. The 02 was great but it all feels a bit negative now. Almost acrimonious between them. Ironic considering one of the ideas about not going back was to protect the legacy by not making a total balls up of it. It’s now a total balls up because after it’s definitely over we are going remember how this crap felt. Seriously for me it will loom large
  5. Me two I would have like to have seen ITE rather than MMH I liked the way they did it during the page and plant days with a bit from the latter part of carouselambra in it. Always thought that this way of doing the two songs together would have been the way Zeppelin would have done it had things been different.
  6. I’m sure he was photographed at abbey road a few years back as well. I’m not sure if there was ever a solid explanation then either. Could have been there for a similar reason?
  7. I’d accept it, depending of the end result. Does seem odd though?
  8. Just on the guitar - I’m not certain, but I don’t think the guitar would be typical of the 70s rig? Would the 90s one be the gold coloured one ? At first I thought it was the red coloured one
  9. Demixing would come in handy if they needed to work on bootlegs or two track sources for this zepp experience streaming thingamy - maybe it’s all to do with that?
  10. The guitar is plugged in. The light on the amp head appears to be on, the amp head on the cab that has a mic’ in front of it. Setting up the old rig in Abbey road would make sense if you wanted to overdub some parts on old recordings or make a new recording with an older vibe,I guess? Setting it all up and getting dressed up at abbey road to have some photographs taken? I think he was playing and it and recording it
  11. Doesn’t seem to be available through Apple Music!?
  12. They have also put out “hi res” versions via hiresaudio.com and the like
  13. Also I really like the video and visuals associated with this.
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