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  1. I hope Laura can help St. Louis get over the butthurt of tonight's game... 7 - 2...yikes!
  2. Agreed! Well done, Liverpool! Their sixth Champions League title! I’m glad they got that second goal - it would have been a shame had that quick penalty early on been the only goal of the day. The better team won. Well done to the Reds!
  3. Ummm...Arsenal already lost on Wednesday. Liverpool and Tottenham are playing today. I was saying it was quite a coup for all four teams playing in the two European finals were from England.
  4. Betting against Aston Villa early next season wouldn't be the most unwise thing - newly promoted teams tend to struggle a bit in their first year up. If they get past the first season (a few do actually go right back down the following season), they will usually buy more aggressively and stay up. Yes - tomorrow's game is quite a good matchup and (along with the Chelsea/Arsenal Europa League Final) quite a coup for the Premier League. I think it's the first all-EPL Champions League final since the Man U/Chelsea match in 2008.
  5. Well, he must be happy in any case - they won promotion to the Premier League by beating Derby County, 2-1. I have to admit that it was strange the past few years not having Aston Villa in the EPL. They are the most supported team in Birmingham, which itself is the 2nd-largest city in England (and possibly the whole UK). Anyway, good for them for finally coming back. Also, congratulations to Chelsea for winning the Europa League title decisively over Arse(nal), 4-1. Eden Hazard scored twice in a game that may very well be his last with the team. (I hope not because the Premier League is better with having players like Eden in it - however, it seems that playing for Real Madrid was a dream of his since childhood. So, he's probably off.) Only the Champions League title left to decide this Saturday - will Liverpool or Tottenham win? (Personally, I'm not a fan of either side - having said that, I do think that Liverpool is the better team. However, Tottenham's run in the Champions League has been just as impressive as Liverpool's. I'm just glad that both Kane and Salah will be ready to go - you want the best playing against the best in such a match-up.)
  6. ...and I loved the show at MSG so much that I am now seeing them tomorrow in Philly. If it is their last tour, I want to see them in the city where I normally see most of my shows. It'll be the first time in 13 years seeing them here. I wonder if playing in a stadium will alter their stage presentation at all.
  7. Yeah, that was a pretty bad non-call. They need to change the rules at league-level to allow situations such as this to be reviewable. If the refs didn't see it on the ice (they're human - they can't see everything at all times), there's technically nothing to review. However, as I just said, this kind of situation has to be allowed to be reviewable at league-level, especially during the playoffs.
  8. The amusing thing is that he sang wonderfully all night. I couldn't hear any problems - see my previous comment. But, yes, the irony of the line you quoted is funny.
  9. That was one of the funnier events of the evening! 😆 To be blunt, Roger was in really great voice all night. On “Love Reign O’er Me”, when he sings the title again right after the instrumental break and before the finale of the song, he hit the note on “Love...” - it was very impressive! 😎
  10. Oh no - is the FA Cup final not on the BBC anymore? It still was on the Beeb before I moved back to the States (2016). If that’s true, that is very sad. Come to think of it, both the Europa League final and Champions League final were on one of the ITV channels when I was still there - is that no longer true either? That’s awful - you would think the national sport would be on channels that people didn’t have to pay for.
  11. ...and the show was FANTASTIC! 😎
  12. ...and tonight’s show is a sellout! 😎
  13. BUT, be consoled! We all have three more games to watch, and all six teams left are EPL teams! So, we still have just about two more weeks of football before withdrawal symptoms set in. (And then the Women's World Cup will take over...)
  14. Well, if you ignore the fact that Man City are still on-target for, and will most probably get, a domestic quadruple (Community Shield, League Cup, EPL title, and FA Cup all during the same season - if memory serves, I think this is also unprecedented, at least in recent years) - so, I don’t think he’ll be crying too much. 😉 Thank you for the list above too; my original comment was specifically in reference to the EPL. I had suspected (and in fact knew, from the more recent years) that it had happened with other leagues. Still, a great accomplishment.
  15. Wow...the English Premier League, Kings Of Europe! Not only are both Champions League finalists Premier League teams, both Europa League finalists are as well! (Trivial fact as a result - the UEFA Super Cup game in August will also be an all-Premier League affair; a fact, if I remember correctly, that is unprecedented.) Well done to Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Chelsea!
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