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  1. ForEvermore

    The Who Thread

    Got my ticket for MSG, NYC this morning! I may decide to catch them in Philly too. Roger has conceded that this may be his/their last tour - not exactly news, but it was good to hear him be honest about the strong possibility. New album out by the end of the year (if you buy a ticket, you get a complimentary copy of the album when it comes out), and the show are planned to be symphonic as well - mini-orchestras from each city will be playing along with them. Looking forward to it!
  2. ForEvermore


    Well, someone here in America does. During the year, there are cup competitions that are played which are independent of the Premier League games and table/standings. This most recent game against Tottenham and Chelsea was in the League Cup competition (I forget who has corporate sponsorship of the name (is it Carabao?); to me, it's the League Cup - that's the original name and that's what I'm always calling it. I take comfort in the fact that many refer to it the same way). This game was the first leg in a two-legged semi-final; there will be another game at Stamford Bridge (Chelsea's home pitch) to settle the tie ("series" in American English) - whoever prevails on aggregate will go to the League Cup final (that's a one-off - one game only). The FA Cup is the other major domestic cup competition; these games are also independent of the Premier League table/standings.
  3. ForEvermore

    2019 NFL Playoffs Picks Pool

    New Orleans Kansas City
  4. ForEvermore

    2019 NFL Playoffs Picks Pool

    It’s funny - when I chose based on who I though would win, I went 2-2; however, if I had chosen the teams I would have preferred to win, I would have been 4-0! 😆 Well, I’m not making the same mistake twice - thus, my picks for next week are: Kansas City DALLAS L.A. Chargers Philadelphia (I’m still in shock over the Eagles game. If they can beat the Bears in Chicago, anything goes...)
  5. ForEvermore

    2019 NFL Playoffs Picks Pool

    Wow...that was an absolute dismantling of the Texans by the Colts. It has a nice fringe benefit too - the Pats will have to play the survivor of the Chargers/Ravens game. I think they would have rather played the Texans. Nice job by the Colts.
  6. ForEvermore

    2019 NFL Playoffs Picks Pool

    Thank you for starting this, esp. since our team is in this year! Houston DALLAS L.A. Chargers Chicago (although I'll be rooting for Philly in the vain hope that we can have a home NFC Championship game) P.S. Happy New Year!
  7. ForEvermore

    Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    Congratulations! I am seeing them in NYC at the Beacon Theater (1st show) and in Philadelphia on 4/20 (of course). I am looking forward to it! Here is the setlist from the last show in the UK - I'll have this please: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/nick-mason/2018/royal-concert-hall-nottingham-england-73e926b5.html
  8. ForEvermore

    New Book.....new thread ?

    I just got my copy today. Maybe others here have asked a significant other to get it for them for Xmas? I agree that it looks quite good just from my quick glance so far. Along with Dave Lewis' "Evenings with Led Zeppelin" and the official LZ by LZ book, I'd have to say that the 50th anniversary has gotten its proper due, viz a viz, books on the band. Hopefully 2019 will deliver with more previously-unreleased live material. (To be fair, I am happy with the DTS Master Audio 5.1 surround sound versions of TSRTS and HTWWW on BluRay audio - those have been worth picking up this year. Still, I hope more is coming soon.)
  9. I agree that that book is very good too - if you don't need a new copy, it's not difficult at all to get inexpensively though: https://www.amazon.com/Led-Zeppelin-Heaven-Charles-Cross/dp/0517583089/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1543729529&sr=1-1&keywords=heaven+and+hell+led+zeppelin
  10. ForEvermore

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    That's a great note.
  11. ...and a belated thanks to lalunexviii for starting this thread in the first place.
  12. ForEvermore

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    R.I.P., George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States. Hearing this just reminded me how much the world has changed since he was in office...kind of breathtaking, really.
  13. I just read that book as a result of this thread and I have to agree - it is an outstanding book. I very highly recommend it!
  14. ForEvermore

    2018 NFL THREAD

    Just remember you're never alone here, Walter. The problem during our first 8 games was our schizophrenic offense - they played so erratically that our defense was on the field far too often. Our defense has been good all year. They were extra-great yesterday. I'm just happy our silly penalties didn't blow up all of the good work. So, if the Eagles beat the Redskins on Monday, and we feast on the Eagles a week from Sunday at home and with an extra 4 days rest (thank you, NFL schedulers!), we will have a magic number of 1 for clinching the NFC East. I like our position.
  15. ForEvermore

    Song Name Game

    Come Together - The Beatles