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  1. I updated the artwork and named the music and I'm done fussing with this project. Check out the new look! https://percievetheinfinite.bandcamp.com/releases
  2. This wicked thing came falling out of the sky and my first thought was beatle! I can't say for sure if this could technically be a beatle but its massive for a bug, the tarantula of beatles. I carefully picked it up with its stable hind segment. Got a nasty pincer, the largest pincers I ever saw. Measures the length of my thumb from nose to tail. This wicked bug was in a panick, maybe a scorpion got it. It really went nuts when I picked it up. I let the massive beatle bug go and it quit moving. I thought it was dead but it hissed and puffed itself up when I nudged it
  3. How do you know that these old photos are authentic? These days fake photos are way to frequent, way too easy to make. For example, a few years back, some folks that hate me spread fake photos of me doing things I would never do to people who knew me, personally and professionally. Those fakes were done so well nobody could tell they were fake. (the perils of the digital age)
  4. I remember when people asked each other, "Which beatle is your favorite?" I would tell myself, 'What a silly question to ask somebody.' I later realized that girls asked this question to learn more about boys and see what your personality was closer to. Now that I'm older and I know more about the Beatles as people I could confidently say that if I were in dire need to choose which Beatle was the most agreeable and mirrored my personal values the most, I would choose Paul McCartney and not some imitator.
  5. Photograph I don't want her Photograph I don't need her Photograph All I got is a photograph
  6. Here's another scorpion. It got a cockroach and was appearing confused as it walked around in circles for 30 minutes before I put it in a container. The scorpion never let go of the cockroach even while trying to escape the container. I recorded a short video of the scorpion but this message board won't allow me to upload it. I watched it eat the cockroach for awhile with its odd mouth. It actually has two mouths.
  7. The mathematical parallels with this album cover and this photo sent to me are quickly aparent but this Pink Floyd tribute was released in 1977, years before this person was born. The letter described the album cover parody being published and marketed in 1997. Thanks though.
  8. A reliable source sent me this photo the other day with a story about it. He left a lot of details out so I don't know the whole story but it kinda bummed me out. This photo is of some freckles on a man's arm. The significance is that this particular 'constelation' of freckles became the blueprint of album cover artwork. What had happened was that the leader of a certain band secretely spied on this man and his family and used details of their lives in his songwriting and band art, all without them knowing. Ironically this man was a fan of the band that used his freckles as inspiration. T
  9. Lovelife or... You'll Never Get What You Want Out Of Me (Even If It Kills Me)
  10. So I was at work, getting along fine, when this gathering of folks came in who looked like they were together and one was really tall and looked familiar. When it was his turn at the counter I point blank asked him if he was a such and such player, (not MLB, NHL or NFL), I thought I was being nice and he got angry and started talking down to me, so I got smartmouth back and then he threatened me with violence and demanded that I finish the transaction. I got dizzy with anger and considered telling him to leave and then thought, why not get this done quickly so it doesn't escalate. He got more
  11. I truly don't fucking care. edit- This post isn't a response to the last post before it.
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