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  1. AntLantic Records

    Dragon Telecaster Re-created

    Yeah these pics were floating around I forget where, CP era as far as I know. Here are the others
  2. AntLantic Records

    Dragon Telecaster Re-created

    Great post. My '59s have that thin D profile JP would definitely prefer, my '58s/'60s are not that shape. This may be an oversimplification but didn't he have three Teles and swap the parts many times? In this pic the blonde '66 (with ARMS strap) seems to have the '59 neck. The background is hard to see but could include '66 and '58 necks. In other pics the '66 has the maple neck, yet other pics the brown Tele has the maple neck. One would think JP would know but I feel like Fender could be mixed up.
  3. AntLantic Records

    Robert Plant's recent set lists

    Cool. It'd be great if he ever went back heavy into the first two albums, maybe Little by Little, Ship of Fools, etc.
  4. AntLantic Records

    Robert Plant's recent set lists

    I count four Zeppelin originals, a few covers Zeppelin did, a bunch of solo material and a few covers of his own. Hmm, seems like a well rounded set to me. I just saw him and he played In The Mood, Rainbow, Carry Fire, May Queen, Please Read the Letter (not my favorite) plus more, lots of solo material?
  5. AntLantic Records

    "Okay" heard in Achilles?

    I just listened to it mono, mid side, inverted, 4-5 other ways and do not hear it. Though I noticed a lot of cool mix quirks! It actually makes sense, it's such a long song, that JP/JB would call out the change during the jam. I can visualize it but I don't think there's audio. Let us know otherwise. Don't feel silly if not, it's nice to pull out hidden nuggets when they're there. ✌️
  6. AntLantic Records

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    In Through the Out Door + Coda = Physical Graffiti II in many ways. Irreplaceable in my perception of the band's catalog.
  7. AntLantic Records

    Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    Good old Robert jfc. We realize he was trying to turn the corner, pushing new wave etc. (since what, '78?). I think it worked up to a certain point. Come '86-88 it was borderline Janet Jackson, Robert Palmer, INXS style production. Doesn't the timeline 85-86 include quite a bit, Live Aid, reunion secret rehearsals and tryouts (Bruford, Thompson), Firm tour? LZ must have been on his mind. It was a treat to hear it live again solo. Regarding Lee, last instance I saw he was with JP doing Domino live. Jones was on board at least through some of the 2001 tour? I was quite surprised to see a different bass player on Sixty Six to Timbuktu. Porl, played through at least early 2002 (cancer benefit in London). The Dreamland album came out (I really enjoy), then poof, gone. Probably not much info on these guys I suppose. Good topics, thanks Steve.
  8. AntLantic Records

    Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    Steve- post Zep Q if that's cool? Robert's flipped some really great bandmates over the years. In particular I think Robbie Blunt was a fantastic player, a heavy weight in his own right (co-writer on near all of the first three albums). Aside from the current lineup perhaps Blunt/Plant was the closest collaborative to Page/Plant we've had over the years. Robbie's style is so cool, sort of Page meets early Gilmour, hints of other British peers and blues too, definitely a strong Mediterranean influence in there. Quite worldly which I think translates well with RP's music. Was a fourth album ever in the works or demos? What was the falling out? Did they ever get back together (I know they did at least twice)? Other exits of interest: Porl Thompson, Lee/Jones, or info you may have on various lineup changes. Thanks in advance.
  9. The show I just saw was great, RP was the strength of the band and it was NOT Zep-centric. Maybe 4-5 tunes Zep did, mostly covers at that. I wish he'd drop you need love/wll and BD but whatever. It was great to hear his recent albums performed live, which is clearly his current passion (not a tribute band whatsoever).
  10. AntLantic Records

    Zep at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..

    Lol, 8 strings, 3 pickups, 1 sound.
  11. AntLantic Records

    John Paul Jones Snubbed Page & Plant?

    Why's it so hard to wrap our heads around Jimmy joins Robert and his solo band? That's basically what it was, no? It's happened many times live. Produced by Page/Plant, recorded LIVE in the studio (with only a few overdubs) by Albini, that's the way P/P visioned the project. A blues/LZ1 style live throwback. I'm sure Steve A.J. has the interviews to back this up.
  12. AntLantic Records

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Could the second guitar/notes people hear happen to be A D E )?
  13. AntLantic Records

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    What are these second guitar parts I've read about (more than once), I just don't hear them?