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    Good music, good reading, good food, good sporting, my woman, and knowing more about this little orb, Earth.
  1. Yeah, definitely wasn't United's "A" squad but I could understand that with them playing in three different competitions in a nine-day span (League on the 10th, CL on the 13th and FA Cup on the 18th). Overall Reading have been doing well as of late; they may stave off relegation yet, especially now that the focus is more fully on that.
  2. The Love Garden in Lawrence, KS is a nice shop (mostly vinyl). I miss it.
  3. Hey, man, I respect Rochester. They used to be the Orioles AAA city (which I know you know), AND spawned Wegmans PLUS the radi oshow Crap from the Past!
  4. Glad to see someone else likes the Orioles. It was really interesting last year - maybe even more emotional than '89, hard to say. They're solid up the middle, and it will be interesting to see if Reimold and Roberts can be healthy. It just hasn't been happening for either one of them the past couple of years. I don't expect a ton of Roberts at this point, being 35 (not hating, just trying to be realistic), and Reimold will have to have crazy output this year and for what few seasons he can just not to be another case of what might have been. If Reimold is healthy and a producer, a very goo
  5. Blow Monkeys - Digging Your Scene
  6. TRB

    This or That

    It depends on where it's from, but usually pizza with toppings. Workout or nap?
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRB! (See? I remembered--your BD is on Talk Like a Pirate Day!)

    I hope all is well! :)

  8. TRB

    Top 5's

    Top five things I'd like this Christmas: 5) To not flunk out of grad school (all it takes is getting below a 3.0) and have a sense of future direction with it, whether or not it's at my current institution. 4) To see some people and things which I haven't seen in too long and miss very much. 3) For my father to maintain job security, and my home not be set on the path to being lost. 2) To enjoy the time but all the same reflect on ways to try to become an adequate person. 1) To spend quality time with my fiancee as it's in short supply anymore.
  9. Christopher Walken - Poker Face
  10. TRB

    This or That

    Vinyl - so many gems out there that never made it to CD, not to mention that certain connection (though I do like the portable nature of CDs). Leather or "pleather?"
  11. A bad end to a bad decade in baseball (except for some of the Hall of Fame inductees).
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