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  1. An absolute classic, and one of my all time faves.
  2. Michael Schumacher - The edge of greatness, by James Allen.
  3. Community - I've actually been watching a few episodes lately, and think it's kind of funny(which surprises me, it normally wouldn't be my type of show).
  4. I generally try to keep physically fit through running, biking and long distance walking. It's been difficult to find the motivation lately due to a worsening of my depression(the shitty weather we've had over the past few days hasn't helped any). But I still try and force myself when I can.
  5. This song has been stuck in my head a lot, lately.
  6. Cletus

    Oh CANADA!

  7. That footage is from an old documentary called "Come on Children". http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0269104/
  8. Yes!. The R30 Concert DVD is great. It may be one of my favorites of all the DVD's that came out the past 10 years or so. The Snakes and Arrows Tour is excellent as well. Feedback is the only studio album by Rush I don't own. I'll probably get it eventually to satisfy the completist in me. But I'm generally not all that interested in a band doing cover songs. A few hear and there is Ok. But an album's worth is not something I'd see myself listening to that often.
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