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  1. ...is that what the lyrics are? Oh. Well. I've got a contribution, then: I get the feeling I could chase you clean on in the farm, and wind up staying put off, put down, strung out & stoned. & not so much mishearing as being stupid, from Paul Simon's Mother & Child Reunion: I can't for the life of me Remember a sadder day I always, always thought of that as Saturday, which boggled me entirely. I was singing it recently and it clicked. Promptly a felt a fool, as well.
  2. I'm still shocked beyond belief, not to mention incredibly troubled by his death, for some reason. I'm not particularly a fan of his, even, it's just unnerving that he died so suddenly, and at such a painfully young age. Poor Heath. Poor Matilda. Requiescat in pace, brother. I hope you've found solace. Also, I cannot describe the amount of disgust I feel towards that fucking Westboro Baptist Church. My god.
  3. Bert Jansch is probably my favourite. I can barely stand how good that man is. It just seems somehow wrong that someone is that amazing coupled with such simplicity. Others I dig are: Jeff Beck Jimmy Page Johnny Winter Elmore James B.B. King Jimi Hendrix Eric Clapton & various others.
  4. 905

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Onto Harper as well, I hope. ...I wonder why this picture always has that 1/2 cropped out. Makes me sad, it does. Bigger scans from the Mail:
  5. Nah, that's just a rumour. The artist simply saw a girl on the London Tube and thought she'd make a good model, but swapped ideas over to her younger sister (11 at the time). (Ahah, I'm goin' to hell.)
  6. Two thoughts by His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV: I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe. When the days become longer and there is more sunshine, the grass becomes fresh and, consequently, we feel very happy. On the other hand, in autumn, one leaf falls down and another leaf falls down. The beautiful plants become as if dead and we do not feel very happy. Why? I think it is because deep down our human nature likes construction, and does not like destruction. Naturally, every action which is destructive is against human nature. Constructiveness is the human way. Therefore, I think that in terms of basic human feeling, violence is not good. Non-violence is the only way.
  7. Found preview-able on eBay.
  8. 905

    Beard of the year!

    I must admit, I'm not a fan of his being bearded when he was younger, but he looks gorgeous with one nowadays. And that picture they used is, by the way, fantastically attractive .
  9. I adore Shake Your Money Maker, but, man, I think the song Sometimes Salvation is enough to sway me to The Southern Harmony. ...I really need more than four of their albums.
  10. 905

    Song Name Game

    Queen of the Highway (The Doors)
  11. 905

    Song Name Game

    High in a Room (The Smoke)
  12. Yes, I remember that. I couldn't say what episode, but I can confirm you didn't dream it, anyway, hah. Another Simpsons one: When Marge is babysitting for Rod & Todd while Flanders is away, and one of the kids hurts himself, and Ned comes back and says something to the effect of, "I hate to be a Ned Zeppelin, but is one of my boys Brazed & Contused?". In the 5th season of That '70s Show, all of the show titles are Zeppelin songs.
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