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  1. thanks very much! Its a reminder to me to take the good with the bad, and of course to proclaim my love of the song and the band!
  2. i just looked at backpackdave on youtube and his videos are up in the 160,000+ views. it warms the heart, doesnt it?
  3. AAAAA-MEN All must arrive upon bended knee before the altar of "The Object"
  4. Facing his AIDS??? Are you mad?? He only publicly admitted to having the disease a couple of days before he died from it!
  5. anita1967

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    when you can, Id love to see it again! thanks
  6. anita1967

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    do you have any of Jimmy in the SS Officer's hat? I had the poster in my younger days
  7. what a sick, awesome idea!
  8. getty images has it hats off to ross halfin, asshole at large, but fantastic photographer
  9. oh, to be a fly on the wall during the 70's...I was way too young to get to appreciate them. By the time i was a full on fan, John passed away. I get the impression that Townshend is a bit of a wanker, and I cant see Jimmy getting along with anyone like him. Percy, well, that's a whole other story, isn't it?
  10. not to kick a man when hes down, but its his own fault. He was told by many many people to get a pre nup.
  11. not to mention Nancy's his wife! how sweet. what a great party there must have been afterwards with all the old gang. I can see Percy holding court now...
  12. Did anyone spot Cameron Crowe with them????? If any celeb should be there, its him.
  13. you're giving her way to much time here. thats what keeps her stupid ass in the news
  14. damn i love that show...bbc america used to show it all the time.
  15. "Thank-you, Robert. Thank-you, Jimmy. Thank-you, John Paul. And thank-you, Jason. If that's as close as we ever get, it was very much worth it. But I can only hope that was the beginning, rather than the end!" here here,that sums it up perfectly for everyone! please come back to us!
  16. Pay per view would have been the perfect thing for everyone that couldnt get tickets to the show. and it would have raised money for the charity too
  17. why arent they doing a pay per view of this huge event?? Especially since its a charity, it could generate a huge amount of revenue!
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