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  1. 1. McCartney & Wings : Rock Show 2. Neil Young - Downtown 3. Beastie Boys: The New Style 4. Damn Yankees: Rock CIty 5.
  2. I am lucky to have grown up in Metro Detroit and I have older brothers who saw GFR live a few times locally, but not this show. They were the biggest band in Detroit at the time in terms of sold out shows and FM airplay. Kinda sounds similar to the Kid Rock following that is unique to Detroit nowadays. THanks for the replies !
  3. Mark Farner & Ace Frehely were guests on VH1 That Metal Show last night. During the interview Farner told a story of how Peter Grant pulled the plug on Grand Funk Railroad, who opened a 1970 show at Detroit's Olympia Stadium. He claimed the fans were a pissed and that Zeppelin played to half a house once they got on stage 90 mins later. Couldn't find any truth to this story on the forum. thx, Otto
  4. Most likely a cold Monday Monday night in Detroit on March 30, so what the hell..may as well go. I've spent alot more than $12 on crappy movies over the years...we all have
  5. James Patrick Page should do one final worldwide retirement tour for the benefit of the planet. Donate all the proceeds of the tour to cure hunger, poverty, bad haircuts, whatever. At the end of the tour, JP gets the Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Jason, Jonesy on drums and bass full time while each leg of the tour could feature one or more singers/guitarists from his catalog and/or a few new ones. Play all the big hits from the past, present and future, as Jimmy likes to say.
  6. Steve, Ive heard from somelocal zep heads the band stayed at the Troy Hilton for this show.
  7. I had no idea Page ever played in A2. Only took Plant 40+ years more to finally perform there?
  8. I've read some Beattles' forum threads that dissect/analyze outtakes and bootlegs by the miliseconds. Don't this we've reached that level here, but if e do, fine by me.
  9. Paul Rodgers was on the VH1's 'That Metal Show' a couple weeks back. Paul described in some candid detail how he and Jimmy Page started The Firm and also described the history on Bad Co's entry onto the Swan Song label. The show is rerun quite often, so catch it the next time around. Interesting stuff.
  10. Yardbirds @Michigan State Fairgrounds is so far my fav "on this day" posting. I know a couple people who were at one of the two consecutive shows there. The State Fairground Coliseum still stands, but the MI State Fair ended for good in 2009. Otto in Detroit
  11. bbc session lanyard came with the CD's the first day it went on sale.
  12. http://theoaklandpress.com/articles/2011/01/22/entertainment/doc4d3b267a12607735844163.txt?viewmode=fullstory by GARY GRAFF Of The Oakland Press ANN ARBOR -- Robert Plant welcomed the crowd at Hill Auditorium to "another very interesting night of music" on Friday (Jan. 21). Talk about understatement. "Interesting" is, of course, the motto Plant has gone by since going solo in the wake of Led Zeppelin's 1980 break-up, and he's maintained a nearly unprecedented level of artistic integrity since then by going back to the golden goose only on rare occasions, and never for a full-scale reunion. Instead he's pushed in rich and unexpected creative directions, still maintaining a bit of his Golden God image of yore but mostly playing the ambitious seeker, rejecting any of the parameters or limitations his previous fame might have placed upon him. His new Band of Joy, which visited Ann Arbor with him, is the latest chapter in Plant's travels, and also one of his best. Adding an element of trippy psychedelia to the Americana path he embraced on 2007's "Raising Sand," the Grammy Award-winning collaboration with Alison Krauss, the Band of Joy -- and its album, "Band of Joy" -- proved as potent, unique and, yes, interesting as anything that Plant has done during his career and also seems to be only at the beginning of what could be a formidable run. Following a sharp 40-minute opening set by North Mississippi Allstars brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson, Band of Joy was led on stage not by Plant but by "Band of Joy" producer Buddy Miller, a nod to the more ensemble sensibility of the project. Plant is unquestionably the star, but Miller and multi-instrumentalist Darrell Scott certainly established a near-equal footing as players, while they and Patty Griffin each took a turn singing lead vocals while Plant dutifully provided backup and, on Miller's "Trouble," harmonica. Band of Joy's 21-song, 110-minute focused, not surprisingly, on "Band of Joy" selections such as Los Lobos' "Angel Dance," Richard Thompson's "House of Cards," Townes Van Zandt's "Harm's Swift Way, Low's "Silver Rider" and Plant and Miller's "Central Two-O-Nine," and also dipped into "Raising Sand" for "Rich Woman" and the Plant-Jimmy Page composition "Please Read the Letter." Then there were surprises, such as the spiritual "Twelve Gates to the City" and a couple of tunes plucked from Plant's 80s releases, including "Down By the Sea" and a rave-up rendition of "Tall Cool One." The big moments, though, came when Plant and company dipped into the Led Zep canon. "Tangerine" fit Band of Joy's intricate acoustic orientation to a T, while "Houses of the Holy," "Ramble On" and "Gallows Pole" were powerful even with the rootsy tweaks this ensemble added. "Rock and Roll," meanwhile, gave all under the Hill roof a chance to cut fully loose, whether it was Miller and Scott dueling on guitar and pedal steel, respectively, or the fans who danced ecstatically in the aisles. Closing the show with an a cappella "Goodnight," Plant praised the audience and its response, noting that, "You get it. I get it. We get it. What is It?" No definitive conclusions were reached, of course, except that "It" was pretty special.
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