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  1. I know it would have never happened, of course, but Ray Manzerak was a superb musician, professionally schooled at the prestigious Chicago Conservatory, although not a bass player. I know with the doors he (Ray) played bass pedals while simultaneously playing keys...I dont believe that would've worked in LZ, but imagine the musical possibilties if they had retained a bass player, as well....Led Zeppelin would not exist as we know them today!
  2. Do y' all really say stuff like, "Jolly good show, old bean" or did I read to many Sgt. Fury comic books back in the seventies??? I would love, love, love to go to England one day, though.....
  3. The scene in "Full Metal Jacket" where 'gomer pyle' gets caught in the head with his M16 by his Drill Instructor. "Pyle, if you dont give me that rifle you are going to be in a world of shit" Pyle's reply, "I am in a world of shit..." and then does the DI and then himself...
  4. When I saw Robert singing this song at one of the P/P shows, I was actually embarassed for the man...taking into account his purpported dilike for DC...
  5. Me and my sister in Greensboro this past weekend.
  6. I dont suppose they every got 'round to reviewing the actual show...
  7. I think the excrement would shoot out of it's 'compartment', if you take my meaning!
  8. Watched an incredible show the other night called, "Cuban Missile Crisis Unclassified" or something along those lines...unbelievable...scary stuff!
  9. What do you mean by original, Steve? Are you referring to a the first run of the book? First edition, or something?
  10. Hey, just happened to be surfin' the forum and stumbled upon this thread. Bilbo, your diction and phrasing sounds so much like Dr. Smith from "Lost in Space"...and I haven't read any of the thread yet! Classic! Bravo! Dr. Smith to Robot: "you bumbling bucket of bolts...you're nothing but a blithering bastion of.."
  11. It's been awile since I surfed for porn. Is there really a (free) site like YouTube which really, truly, has people posting there own sex clips? Real people, not companies trying to make money?
  12. my point exactly...except by those that know better...
  13. Thanks for the heads-up, deezer. I couldn't agree more about your comments concerning "Lucille"...the two are nearly interchangeble..I was lucky enoug to see him 2-3 years ago (stl) with Kenny Wayne Sheppard and Joe Bonnamassa...was fairly pissed that Joe (who opened) only got to play, like, three or four songs...that's how it goes, I suppose.
  14. No, it doesn't bother me. I told you already. I dont like the fact that the media always seems to harp on that, which takes away from what they accomplished. It's just like the old saying, "It doesn't matter how many good things you do. Fuck up once and that's what people focus on" ...or something like that...
  15. Although I respect you and your opinion, HeavK, I must disagree. I saw them during their "In the Round" tour and was sickened. Not by their performance, but by the fact that it was Sept. 25th, 1980.
  16. I was gonna read the entire thread but you, sir, you have stolen the thunder right out from under me, albeit 4 months ago! A friend I went to grade school and high school with a huge Kiss fan. From freshman year on, he and I constantly battled over who was the better band. Constantly. I'd see him in the halls in school and yell, "Kiss sucks!". I'd slip notes in his wall-locker which would say the same thing...I've never, ever liked them because their "music" always boiled (dummed it down, as someone else said) things down to the lowest common denominator ...they were/are a caricature of t
  17. I cant believe I forgot the doors and Janis, myself...the doors were supposedly (early on, anyway) a spiritual/religious/terrifying/orgasmic experience...did I leave any adjectives out? Most likely...
  18. Cant believe Cream and U2 scored so low...of course this is is a subjective thing.
  19. Beside "Would" my fave is probably "Sickman" sickman, sickman...
  20. 1)Dont forget about Lucille! BB's, that is.... 2) chuckleberry's (doin' the duck walk) - not sure what it was-not a musician 3) Hendrix white strat 4) Jimmy p's double neck 5) SRV burnt guitar (wasn't this actually one of Hendrix's to begin with?)
  21. I'm...sorry. I regret I have implied you were a teen. I know Jimi was never in those mags (of if they were even around at that time)! I was, well, "showing my ass" might be a good way to describe it. I hope you have also read my above reply to Cactus, it might explain a little bit. If you read as much as you say you do, the sharon lawrence book is beyond excellent and in fact comes to the sad conclusion that, well, I cant even bring myself to say it...but, secretly, I agree with her conclusion---which makes me even more of a freak, I suppose...The book does not delve into his music, it delve
  22. Wow. I must admitt, Cactus, you hit the nail right on the frickin' head. What you wrote was, sadly, very true...that is why I am such a freak on this one...I dont deify Jimi, per se, but the man and his incredible contribution to our world, to my world, is what I instinctively try to protect. You are so right - one does indicate accident and one (od) implies drug addict/alcoholic....which is why I went into psyco mode...It seems everytime I read that in the media about Jimi or John..the term 'drug overdose' seems to overshawdow/tarnish the good they have brought to the world...and that is the
  23. Ahhh...I guess we're in the right place...
  24. stonefreelee

    MOJO Awards 2008

    Call me old fashioned, but are these actual real-life bands? Never heard of them. Ever.
  25. I just dont see the point of fattening someone else's pockets at the expense of the american worker. Business is shippng all it's jobs overseas...yeah, someone somewhere is getting rich, big fucking deal. Where do we Americans go for jobs in the mean while, Mexico? Reverse immigration
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