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  1. Gemini and yes my family is happy im not an actual twin!
  2. As usual, Ev has said it best! But i cant help wonder to you STH bashers, does your fast forward button not work, does your car stereo have only one radio station, do you look for songs that you hate, then crank it up and bitch about how much they suck! Ya know sometimes life is hard and sometimes life is only as hard as you make it!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 4 degrees with a forcast of slightly to partly shitty
  4. that is pretty sweet, better than some of the stuff off the Enconium tribute album. The kinda awesome that deserves the word fuckin put in front of it!
  5. most excellent Ev, the sound quality is really quiet remarkable, alot of you tube vids have really shitty audio, did you do some thing through a mixer or is that just the camcorder mic! Also i would like to add that in the older vids, my wardrobe from the 90's was nicely represented!!!
  6. exactly my drivers license always looks like a mug shot! nice pics everyone. i havesome down loaded in the computer but im having trouble geting them on to the sight!
  7. cuz everything sounds good on multi speaker systems! Favorite brand of sound system, lets say home audio!!
  8. yeah mostly itsthe wind its just a killer. I was stationed in Alaska years ago and alot of times it was colder in iowa, thats just sad!
  9. burrito my wife should be comin thruogh the door any moment now! favorite type of chinese food?
  10. Italian espresso taco or burrito sorry im just hungry
  11. is john paul page still playing organ 4 him
  12. probably a hell of alot warmer too im goin to california with an achin in my heart
  13. The above may be a better way to go, but i've stood up to a few of my bosses in my time and even though it got a little heated they never talked to me like that againand not out of fear but respect in fact we got along great afterwards and never had another argument.Anyways thats pretty shitty , it sounds like your boss has kinda scarred your attitude towards your job and that just sux later!
  14. hey wait a second i have that shirt, and there guitarist robert plant rocks !!!!!! BTW which one is Led!!
  15. im jealous ill see you in about a half hour im playin with your toys
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