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  1. Yeah you've kinda lost me there with your incoherent statement, and it wasn't a gay statement its just about the fact that he sucks. He uses religion to lie just like saddam did! Hell he had to cheat just to be president, just like saddam did. Yeah thats great that saddams dead and yeaht its changed nothing!!! I was in the army and those are my friends getting killed so fuck you if you dont get it!!!!
  2. well said its one of those things that until you are put in that position you really don't know what you'd say hell they could end up asking you a question and you'd end up discussing the price of tea in china and that we be just fine by me!!
  3. Understandable, but lets face it, theres really no way to speak of him in a dignified manor!
  4. WOW I'm a guy who is definatly into to women but i was gonna post a comment on the heartbreaker solo so this is kinda crazy that i check out this thread and thats what you ladies are talkin about, so thats cool! Anyway i f*ckin love that solo its what made me want to start playin guitar in the first place, and the f*cked up thing to me is the solo is kinda sloppy and incoherent yet it just wreaks of balls and attitude, it is one of the most beautiful things to have ever touched my ears, I just cant say enough about how much i love that solo!!!!!!
  5. I would say do you mind if i go change my pants cuz i think i just pissed them!!!!
  6. The other day we had no chocolate and no money so i dug threw the couch cushions for some change, i couldn't find any change but i did find a piece of a hersheys almond and a syringe and it was then i did thee unthinkable! BY the way those almonds really hurt goin thru your vains!!!
  7. Then to chocoholics anonamous you must go
  8. Yes exactly i try to be a good guy but i am so sick of listening to i need this and i need that every time i think i got everything under control theres something else that some needs and i think i need my sanity and this isnt helping anyway at least once a week i try to get a preety good beer buzz goin and its ok cuz im more of a happy positive drunk so that works for me
  9. I'm into a hersheys almond bar but i just love chocolate and candy,reeses peanut butter cups and stuff like that. If chocolate were illegal i would lie, cheat, and steal to get it, hell iwould even "deal" IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I think im going insane ever so slowly, however i do have 4 kids from 15 13 5 and 7 months so maybe this is normal
  11. Who the fuck brought up dipshits name.
  12. never underestimate the power of stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I hear that and i actually agree im just sayin it aint easy but i have 4 kids so i see things a little differently then most.
  14. Still i like paul stanley and as far as the merchandise goes these guys own it which is smart that means they make the money instead of the record company besides rock bands in general may only last ten years, who the hell wants to go work at mcdonalds after being in a popular and rather sucsessful band. this is there college and the only thing they know and musical "integrity" doesn't put food on the table or feed the kids. The american public is so fenicy its know wonder these bands charge what they do. they've been put in a position to take the money why you can and you'd do the same if you
  15. Got my stitches taken out today, and i get to go back to work tommorowand i'm getting married on monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. i recall my my daughter running into or across the street quite abit, i tried everything eventually she had to be given a spanking which actually worked. Maybe i shouldn't have spanked her and just let a car come over the hill and mow her down i'm sure if she lived she'd nver cross before looking both ways again!!
  17. zepsteve


    Well i guess i love a no taste beer. i can live with that!
  18. zepsteve


    I'm drinkin miller light, I love my miller light and in the words of forrest gump thats all i got to say about that!
  19. zepsteve


    I,m going to try to put down some laminate flooring, I started it tuesday but my circular saw and my right index had alittle fight i think the saw one. still have the finger but there was some stitches involved!!
  20. I abslutely love the solo from heartbreaker, its what made me want to play guitar to begin with, ironicly its actually kinda sloppy but it just fuckin wreaks of balls and attitude!! i just love it!!
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