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  1. he has a feature in guitar magazine just watched him on my cd rom and yeah its pretty sweet
  2. also maybe see if you can watch some old episodes of jerry springer, those people have some mother fuckin problems, nothin will bring you out of a depreation like watchin an episode of springer i promise you that
  3. look if your recently divorced it just takes time cuz your life revolved around her change is a weird thing even when its for the better. i dont know the situation but your brain was used to things being one way for so long it just takes time to adjust even if things are better i hope there better for and good luck my friend!!
  4. shawshank redemption why i dont know but i just love it. favorite comedy starring adam sandler
  5. Have any of you ever heard the LZ tribute cd enconium i absolutey love STP'S version of dancing days
  6. its about -7 here so its cold and it sux
  7. most music written after or alittle before 1980. But in there defense its hard not to be influenced by the best
  8. cant anybody just enjoy a tour or an album by an older band, this music is ther college and there life are thy supposed to go get a job at mc donalds so some loser critic wont write shit about them last i checked we all have brains and can figure it out for ourselves
  9. Thank you that was very kind, and gone gone was the video i saw. i have a friend my best friend since i was 5 and im 34 and robert is like a thinner version of my friends dad especially with the goat tee i laugh every time i think about it i wish i had a picture but i dont.Also i have got to see plant in concert i believe it was for the manic nirvana album and i saw plant and page in ames iowa with said best friend years ago that was one of the best times i can hardly remember what alittle partier i was
  10. Well on a happier note the one that ilove the mostest is right here with me which is about the only luck ive ever had.
  11. i prefer cd/stereo but i suppose its realyy up to what kinda speakers you hooked up, i like it loud it helps drive the voices out of my head
  12. OK so do Robert and ALISON HAVE an entire album together or what i was out of town for awhile working like massive amounts of hours so i lose track of thing but i would consider you good buddy if you could feel me in alittle bit!!!
  13. i saw avideo of them doing an old everly brothers song that was pretty interesting. Other than that i havent heard much i didnt even know who alison krauss was so have you heard that much of ther music and how is it
  14. nope just painting by the way love the janis thats totally cool, i watched a little brt of american idol the other day and some girl just murdered one of her songs and still got to go to hollywood, it was pretty sad
  15. im not to bad ive been doing alot of painting around the house and i got a fair amount accoplished today
  16. zepsteve

    G.O.A.T. game

    Led Zeppelin Forum Entertainer wise, biggest let down or joke ever
  17. chaep sun glasses, i lose them to often to have nice ones. skiing or snowboarding
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