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  1. Faced. good answer i knew that was comin
  2. us, hey raven hows your cat doin!
  3. zepsteve

    The pub

    That Good very very good. I'll buy this round and send me down a couple of beers, i have way to much blood in my alcohol stream!!!
  4. Why thank you PageAngel, you are to kind!
  5. I initially typed in as Zepster, but it was taken, realizing that the ster was close to my name, steve, i then became Zepsteve. If you can find a story more boring than this one please let me know!
  6. zepsteve

    The pub

    nothin like a teaser to start off the morning
  7. 4 degrees with a forcast of slightly to partly shitty
  8. exactly my drivers license always looks like a mug shot! nice pics everyone. i havesome down loaded in the computer but im having trouble geting them on to the sight!
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