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  1. This is so sad and pathetic an yet my morbid curiosity keeps me comin back for more!!
  2. On tuesday i accidentally used a circular saw on my tight index finger after a few few stitches and the loss of a fair amount of blood and a shot of demmoral i'm not feelin to bad
  3. yeah i was 14 /20 should of been atleast 16/20 but some of it was so easy i got excited and clicked when i wasnt even on the right answer!
  4. i absolutely fuckin cant stand people who talk on there cellphones while doing financial transactions weather it be be the teller or the buyer. its 30 seconds tops acknowledge each others existence with out a phone in your hands or i will fuckin kill you dead!
  5. Exactly nine lives well said hats off to roy harper or ninelives
  6. well lady r i tried to figure alot of it out in one night and i dont suggest that route to anyone believe me!!
  7. Hey bonnie i just wantsd to say hi to a fellow midwestern, i know not everyone puts where there from on here but i kinda feel like im the only guy from iowa on here and that sad, cuz come on its zeppelin, thers gotta be at least one other person, im sure you know how i feel, anyway i dont like to pm women i dont know o im just sayin howdy and sorry idont know how a south dakota thing is made!
  8. ya know i love this song and im a huge zeppelin fan but as i recall zeppelin defined them selves by always doing what they wanted to do after all in the end zeppelin defines who zeppelin is!!!!
  9. today i bought a 12 pack of keystone ice, i fill as if i have hit an all time low, tomorrow i start a new job, i can only hope things get better maybe pray things get better
  12. hey thats cool bro, i really do think it'l work but it helps to vent and it helps even more to vent to somebody who understands your a cool guy i've read many of your post if you and i lived near each other i think we'd be good friends! not that we cant be here but you knoew what i mean
  13. Whats up Rock Action you and i have kinda been runnin in the same circles on this Forum but never actually talked i dont think but i kinda feel what your sayin a little more than i wish i was by the way the howdy! hows it goin buddy!!
  14. i know i know i know i know i know iknow but we have children together so its already kinda a done deal but i kinda feel like she knows its really important to me that are kids grow up with there parents being together but it feels like she's taking advantage of it instead of respecting it!! not perfect myself but not understanding this atitude since i havent done anything to bring out this bullshit attitude!!
  15. ya know i love ilove my ole lady got a marriage licesense the other day but im scarred to death her credit card fetish is gonna tear us apart there are so many things that are perfect with us it just kinda hurts to think one stupid as fuck thing could tear us apart, just wanted ton vent thanx for listening!!
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