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  1. I absolutely love this song i had never heard it till it came out on the box set. I remeber feeling like what the hell were they hiding this for one of my absolute favorites!
  2. I loved this thread what the fuck is it doing way back here
  3. Alright here we go; the first guy is obviously a total douche bag, however, that chick really isnt all that. the second picture well those girls are sisters getting there little brother drunk while there parents are away on vacation! the third one, i think thats the guy from that old bond movie, i believe it was a roger moore bond movie. Now this last picture, see the kissy face guy in the middle, thats me and i really dont appreciate being made fun of dammit!!!!!!!
  4. Whats up richard, i saw this post the other day, and like you, iwas self taught thru books and friends and the what not. Anyway i remember doing this chord thing from Amin,E G and D. It was what i used in the beginning to work on cord changes. It kinda feels like a circle when you play it, at least in my head it did, hope this helps, best of luck to you in your teachings!
  5. ^ is starting homework or possibly procrastinating > should go doodle around on the guitar for a while
  6. Spats you should grow a pair balls and move out of the "What If " world you so obviously live in!
  7. us, hey raven hows your cat doin!
  8. I love it that to funny. Nice job!!!!!!
  9. I heard "we're not gonna take it" by twisted sister on the radio today, i think i have that on 45 somewhere, and yes i did crank it up
  10. zepsteve

    The pub

    That Good very very good. I'll buy this round and send me down a couple of beers, i have way to much blood in my alcohol stream!!!
  11. Why thank you PageAngel, you are to kind!
  12. ^ Is glad he dont have to ask any oneto the prom. > Is getting an overwelming feeling to get his groove on
  13. I initially typed in as Zepster, but it was taken, realizing that the ster was close to my name, steve, i then became Zepsteve. If you can find a story more boring than this one please let me know!
  14. Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy to all February zepfiends
  15. Ya know i used to feel for her a little bit becuz of her age, i certainly did plenty of stupid shit in my early and mid 20's. However she has certainly went out of her way to exhaust any sympathy that I or anyone else may have had for her. This isn't the papparazzis fault its her, maybe if she'd ever worked an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week she'd have a little more appreciation 4 what she has. I know money isnt everything but when your struggling to pay rent , feed your kids, and just trying to make ends meet, its really hard to feel sorry for some fuckin idiot with 100 milion to her name!
  16. OMG now that song age of Aquarious is playing in my head, i'm holding you personally responsible
  17. zepsteve

    The pub

    nothin like a teaser to start off the morning
  18. your absolutely right richard but i can't help but feel like a little piece of me has died today. Hell i like bon jovi but better than zep. Who are these people and can i have some of what there on!
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