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  1. For the helluvit... The dude IS hot!
  2. I haven't been on this board in quite a while. Anyone mention John Frusciante's new album "The Empyrean"? It came out the end of January and its a fucking masterpiece.
  3. You think Slash is thinking about Axl? Weiland didn't mesh well with Slash anyways. Lambert WOULD.
  4. Lambert isn't trying to be Plant, he doesn't need to be, he has his own style. Finally a gay guy who doesn't listen to techno!
  5. Ladymadcap

    Pet Peeves

    Dude, these guys are entertainment, why do you have faith in them to begin with?? Glenn Beck will bend whichever way gets him ratings. Anyways my pet peeve... this isn't gonna be pretty. To the motherfucker who is hacking into ALL of my account online, and you know who you are... If you EVER hack into my stuff again I SWEAR I will go to your hick-ass country town and have your hard-up psycho-stalking-ass arrested. I haven't been on this site since last year but every message I received THIS year have been read, and my last log-in time was an HOUR ago. Keep your desperate fucking hands outta my shit or I'll be sure to have you locked up like I SHOULD HAVE when you were down the road. Get a fucking life and deal with being alone. You're fucking PATHETIC to have to keep hacking into my stuff like that. You think I'm kidding just try measshole! I SWEAR you're a loser psycho! LEAVE ME BE!!! What else do I have to do to this idiot to get my point across??
  6. Lambert's really good. I actually hope he loses so he won't be contractually bound to that STUPID SHIT!
  7. What are your thoughts on his admission that he still smokes?
  8. Is Who's Next still the only album ever given a perfect rating by Rolling Stone magazine back when RS had substance?
  9. You confess whaaaat? I love Perfect Strangers also but as far as that album being superior over any Zeppelin..... eeek.......
  10. Why in the world does that matter? I'm just not fond of his attitude since his Napster comments to his own fans some years back. As far as drumming goes, just because he's loud doesn't mean he's great.
  11. So why you making such a fuss spats? Just pop the motherfuckers and get on with life.
  12. Wow does someone need a Midol here? All I said was fuck Lars Ulrich and I'm sure I share that sentiment.
  13. I used to read about Rory in Creem magazine. Isn't he Irish? **never mind I wasn't quick enough. you answered my question above.
  14. Does it also make fans not want to buy their albums anymore? Does this mean that this band that created Master of Puppets are just doing it for the money now? These are serious questions. I'd like to hear what Metallica fans have to say about this. They did create Master of Puppets, after all. Should such things be overlooked?
  15. Now the way this thread was moving I was expecting to hear praise for Frampton Comes Alive. If you were around when that LP came out you MUST remember how monumental it was.
  16. Nah isn't she the mother of some of Jagger's children?
  17. I'm glad Frampton didn't make the cut or else we'd have not been given that great gift of 'Frampton Comes Alive'.
  18. But I do like the later Stones stuff also, mainly cuz of Keith. The best 45 ever released that I still have is Waiting On A Friend w/ side B being Little T&A. You couldn't have found any more 45's that fucking good, if there were any others. The only other good 45 like that was Ozzy's "Flyin High Again" with the live version of "I Don't Know" as the B side. But that Stones 45 still makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  19. Yea. A toss-up between Piper and "Barrett".
  20. Agreed, I'm just partial to Brian Jones.
  21. But Gillan helped bring the most success to DP. And fuck Lars Ulrich.
  22. Wonder how their bands would have sounded if Trower had replaced Blackmore or Taylor?? No matter, Taylor wasn't much influence in the Stones, and quite frankly Brian Jones-Stones was the best anyways...
  23. Oh everyone knew this already? I guess I should check Rondinelli's myspaz more than I do..
  24. Yea happy birthday the 8th to Elvis. Happy birthday tomorrow to Jimmy. Happy birthday the 10th to Rod. Then happy birthday to moi. I'm in great company. I hope Jimmy has many more. (Rod too.)
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