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  1. I`ve added this, as I went to edit previous post (I did not place ... nor did I miss spell gallery {?} ), the edit button was strangely unavaliable to me as it has been on a few other post that I would have like to have edited as well.
  2. This is not my work,nor is it a drawing, it is a painting of Robert enveloped in a zesty swirly whorlepool of a whole lot a vibrant color ,since I just came across this online last night I figured someone may enjoy it here.I LOVE IT ! http://www.Scramplecampbell.com/Imagegalle...RT_ID=1612.html {if you cant find it with what I posted, just search the gallery at the site.} It was created at the Lending Pavilion ,Denver on July 12, 2005 (when you first find the print it appears small, if you click on it ,it will pop up .then i
  3. The code can only be accessed by incorrect spelling .
  4. Oh my,what large bold letters ! Adaring splash of color even! Welcome to the Revelution!
  5. Oh boy , this must be why tbone or the rest of raising sands band can`t " Do" any other project now either, marmorek are you 12 ? edit to add :this interview was in Japan , Jimmy Page was speaking in a way that he could best be understood , by the end of the questions he was being brief about why there has not yet been anymore Led Zeppelin activity.
  6. Aint no SunShine ,till she comes his way , his House all these years aint never been no home ,no no matter how many a has trampled thru his door ,The Greenman would have done alot better had he given it up for the true Mother C.S.P 3/5/64 ------along time ago
  7. Thanks ~ EXCELLENT~ ! Dec.20 Winter solstice shine on,also Robert in the mall was fun
  8. OH gee, I get it-Robert can`t "DO" LED ZEPPELIN ? till September cause....(hint I do not think Jimmy was implicating anything other then music). ..................Robert Plant,ONE show,BBC,25/2/08 the interview with 1:11 mins. ....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PVKL12i3jm&feature=related {32 SECONDS AND ON YOU`LL GET it} while your at youtube ,watch Alisons Video with that other Englishman John Waite......Missing You
  9. That stock quote is dated on the 3/28 , My post & comment are from Today 3/31 ---the comment was regarding statisical sales of Jc pennys store products basied on purchases of the general buying public , that is why they create and promote tv commercials, the "American family living" adds are not aimed at encouraging finacial investers to build their portfolios on Jc Penny stock .
  10. In response to post #19 Yes, Roberts coke promotional input was successful,however as Reported online March 31,08 By Sarah Mohoney for Marketing Daily ,Jc Pennys are not doing well in sales .
  11. Jc Pennys preps add blitz , was written on Feb. 18,08 and list stats in Nov.07 that were prior to the use of the Alison krauss and Robert Plant song inclusion, the article I gave refference to(Jc pennys slashes sales est.) is a current conclusion posted on line today March 31,08
  12. SUCCESS ? Jc Penny slashes sales estimates (seen posted on google today) http://publications.mediapost.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Articles.showArticleHomePage&art_aid=79503
  13. Send me a copy of that one ! I do Love Yoko ,for real !
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