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  1. I`ve added this, as I went to edit previous post (I did not place ... nor did I miss spell gallery {?} ), the edit button was strangely unavaliable to me as it has been on a few other post that I would have like to have edited as well.
  2. This is not my work,nor is it a drawing, it is a painting of Robert enveloped in a zesty swirly whorlepool of a whole lot a vibrant color ,since I just came across this online last night I figured someone may enjoy it here.I LOVE IT ! http://www.Scramplecampbell.com/Imagegalle...RT_ID=1612.html {if you cant find it with what I posted, just search the gallery at the site.} It was created at the Lending Pavilion ,Denver on July 12, 2005 (when you first find the print it appears small, if you click on it ,it will pop up .then it says you may click to view larger ,you will see Robert up close )
  3. The code can only be accessed by incorrect spelling .
  4. Oh my,what large bold letters ! Adaring splash of color even! Welcome to the Revelution!
  5. Carina Carina --as he sang it last year with Strange Sensation
  6. freshmint I must say the comment accompaning your photo at your sig made me giggle,thanks ! Best to stay foucused eh ?!
  7. Interesting If there was a woman who is Jim Morrisons soul reincarnated she would have been born possabily in March,1972---as that would be apporx. 9 months from his death,as I`ve been informed the soul would RE-enter(into a new conception) upon the 1ST individuals death---Jim died july 3,1971----so 9 months later would be close to March , 1972.......so if he`s to be looked for in another body--look for someone born near then........(I personally am not looking for any such person ,only responding to the post as recently I heard a person mention the topic.)
  8. EV, This is excellent----as many seem to leave out the all too essential Love part!
  9. I never seen this one , when is from Elight ? 1969 ?
  10. Ends with the vain hot air being deflated with Plant & krauss in a not so exilarated state but a rather quizzical one .
  11. As for Alison and my opinion of her don`t assume anything .
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