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  1. lajoie

    zeppelin drawings

    I`ve added this, as I went to edit previous post (I did not place ... nor did I miss spell gallery {?} ), the edit button was strangely unavaliable to me as it has been on a few other post that I would have like to have edited as well.
  2. lajoie

    zeppelin drawings

    This is not my work,nor is it a drawing, it is a painting of Robert enveloped in a zesty swirly whorlepool of a whole lot a vibrant color ,since I just came across this online last night I figured someone may enjoy it here.I LOVE IT ! http://www.Scramplecampbell.com/Imagegalle...RT_ID=1612.html {if you cant find it with what I posted, just search the gallery at the site.} It was created at the Lending Pavilion ,Denver on July 12, 2005 (when you first find the print it appears small, if you click on it ,it will pop up .then it says you may click to view larger ,you will see Robert up close )
  3. The code can only be accessed by incorrect spelling .
  4. Oh my,what large bold letters ! Adaring splash of color even! Welcome to the Revelution!
  5. Oh boy , this must be why tbone or the rest of raising sands band can`t " Do" any other project now either, marmorek are you 12 ? edit to add :this interview was in Japan , Jimmy Page was speaking in a way that he could best be understood , by the end of the questions he was being brief about why there has not yet been anymore Led Zeppelin activity.
  6. Aint no SunShine ,till she comes his way , his House all these years aint never been no home ,no no matter how many a has trampled thru his door ,The Greenman would have done alot better had he given it up for the true Mother C.S.P 3/5/64 ------along time ago
  7. Thanks ~ EXCELLENT~ ! Dec.20 Winter solstice shine on,also Robert in the mall was fun
  8. OH gee, I get it-Robert can`t "DO" LED ZEPPELIN ? till September cause....(hint I do not think Jimmy was implicating anything other then music). ..................Robert Plant,ONE show,BBC,25/2/08 the interview with 1:11 mins. ....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PVKL12i3jm&feature=related {32 SECONDS AND ON YOU`LL GET it} while your at youtube ,watch Alisons Video with that other Englishman John Waite......Missing You
  9. That stock quote is dated on the 3/28 , My post & comment are from Today 3/31 ---the comment was regarding statisical sales of Jc pennys store products basied on purchases of the general buying public , that is why they create and promote tv commercials, the "American family living" adds are not aimed at encouraging finacial investers to build their portfolios on Jc Penny stock .
  10. In response to post #19 Yes, Roberts coke promotional input was successful,however as Reported online March 31,08 By Sarah Mohoney for Marketing Daily ,Jc Pennys are not doing well in sales .
  11. Jc Pennys preps add blitz , was written on Feb. 18,08 and list stats in Nov.07 that were prior to the use of the Alison krauss and Robert Plant song inclusion, the article I gave refference to(Jc pennys slashes sales est.) is a current conclusion posted on line today March 31,08
  12. SUCCESS ? Jc Penny slashes sales estimates (seen posted on google today) http://publications.mediapost.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Articles.showArticleHomePage&art_aid=79503
  13. Send me a copy of that one ! I do Love Yoko ,for real !
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