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  1. I got to sit on the bike at the winner's house. very nice. he complained about the winning price of course. hahah. cool bike
  2. for some reason the pic wont show up but its on page 36 with Page in the car holding the papers...the other guy is Tommy Bolin.
  3. the other guy is clearly Tommy Bolin
  4. please do. I collect concert posters from 1968-1973, Zep only. have a lot of them!!!!!!
  5. I collect Led Zeppelin concert posters. I have for a very long time. I have paid a lot of money in the past and they keep getting more expensive. At this point, I am only able to add 1 poster every 3 or 4 years because I have had them all already or still do. Least I ever paid I think was $200 and most was $9500...a big variable. By the way, I am always willing to spend to get something I need so if anyone out there has any concert posters that advertise the shows, with ticket information, venue, dates etc I am VERY interested. I will happily pay $5000 for a piece I need.
  6. JPJ's dad died in 8/70. A few shows were rescheduled or cancelled due to this. Dave Lewis' The Concert File backs this up.
  7. the review actually states nothing about the "master tapes" being used, only that they took the release into the studio and cleaned it up. Sounds like they took Flying Circus itself into a studio and re-EQ'ed it for best effect, nothing more. Show me where ti states the masters were found and used............
  8. there is a video if the James Gang on German TV in 1971 here he is clearly using a Les Paul. Widely available, I have it, or search youtube.I was under the impression Joe gave Jimmy the guitar in 1975!! I would have bet on it, so where is the documentation he gave it up in 1969? Not disbelieving, just curious.
  9. Cruz Montoya...that is a name I have not seen in a LOOOONG time. Met him at a record convention by accident and he set me off on collecting everything memorabilia!!! He asked me to come over and catalog his collection, and I did and it was something like 29 pages. He had THOUSANDS of things, some totally rare and cool. This would have been 1989 or so. I started getting very rare pieces soon after but after amassing a large one like Cruz's collection, I sold or traded it all off to concentrate on only concert posters. You cant do it all and do it all well, and concert posters are expensive. Cruz told me about how they would sometimes use his pics on bootleg LP's in the 1970's. He also attended the LA Blueberry Hill show and he told me that when they were there, before a note was played, the excitement was high. Nobody knew what to expect and of course no one had heard Zep III at that time. He said when they came on and EXPLODED with Immigrant Song the crowd was just fucking floored, totally. They could not believe how heavy it was. I liken it to the scene in The Lord of the Rings movies where Sauron gets killed or whatever and the entire army is literally flattened by a sonic/evil boom.......JUST AWESOME. He said the concert was truly unreal to have seen. I believe him.
  10. There are so many concert posters out there that are unique, only one copy existing, that it would be impossible to have a comprehensive collection. I own or have owned several such pieces. There is nothing more rare than a one of one, plus these things sell upwards of $8k sometimes. I have a shortlist of 2 or 3 posters yet to get that I think are my holy grails as far as collecting Zeppelin, but most of the ones I want I have. I am lucky in that respect but I want those last few!!!
  11. uh, ok, well let me try to explain that they DON'T HAVE TO DO THE WHOLE SONG IF THEY DON'T WANT TO! You can record a higher pitched vocal in just a single phrase if you wanted to. The parts where Robert sounds normal, they probably let him sing along to the track normal speed. SImple enough for ya? Also what detuned issues? I think you are WAAAAAAAAY overthinking this...it is actually a very simple procedure. Once you play the tape at the correct speed with all the tracks the ONLY thing that will sound odd is the voice, which is slightly higher than it was when recorded because it was recorded at a slightly slower speed. Also you seem to think that if they slow and speed up a tape manually that the listener will hear these fluctuations on an LP. WRONG!!!! They play the tape back at a constant 30ips, or 15 sometimes, to master or mix etc, so however they got the sounds on the tape, and at whatever speed, are all being played back together at the same speed so the effect is a harmonious, intended sound. You seem to think we should be hearing different keys, detuning, weird splices...I dont know, but the obvious thing is that you have never recorded or been in a studio with tape. You have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! So I am done here. i cant keep explaining the simplest thing just because some numb-nuts cant understand...if you get it, great. if not, then yeah, I guess you are gonna have to call the whole thing bullshit 'cause you DON'T get it!! I guess everything you dont understand is just utter bullshit then, right? Maybe someone else with more patience can introduce these concepts to you in a simpler, nicer way but I cant and wont. It's not my fault your dense. An analogy:I dont understand how to fix a submarine but I also dont go onto submarine fixing websites and shout at people who know more about it, and tell them they dont know shit, just because I DON'T UNDERSTAND! That would make me an IDIOT!!
  12. huffy...ha, good one. My point is, lets keep it real mysterious...not just something one or two people cant figure out or are confused on. I mean hell, some people dont know the lead singer's name but it aint no mystery, you get my point?
  13. There is NO MYSTERY here. They recorded the instrumental track, regular speed. They played it back a LITTLE slower and had Robert sing over that when they recorded his vocals. They then played it back at regular speed. The instruments went back to their normal pitch and Robert's voice goes a little higher than when he recorded it. NOW Way did he sing it an octave lower than what we are hearing on the LP. My best educated guess, since I actually know what the hell I am talking about here, is that his vocal may have been raised by a third or a fourth, tops! Any more than that and the inflections he would have sang would have sounded weird sped up. Can you imagine him singing some of those lines at a low pitch? There is no way to make a line like California sunlight, Sweet Calcutta Rain sound the way it does if he had sung it low. The pitch we hear is close to the actual pitch he sang it at, case closed. Like I said, maybe a third or a fourth, at MOST!!! Let's move on to real mysteries here. This one is just a case of either ignorance of studio techniques OR musical theory OR vari-speed possibilites OR whatever, but it aint no mystery!
  14. I agree totally. The person who said an octave was obviously not a musician and probably meant they were raised, and used THAT term because they had heard it before. They meant to say raised by a tone or two and had no idea how to word it. There is NO WAY IN ANY REALITY THAT IT WAS AN OCTAVE. I would be more likely to believe that the vocals were recorded on the moon that they were raised an octave. I would bet everything I own on it
  15. Steve, no answer to my "mystery"? Are you stumped or too busy? Here it is again: Here is one for you.....Peter Clifton and Joe Massot were both hired, seperately and in succession, to film/finish the 1973 footage for TSRTS, filmed during the very last leg of the American 1973 tour....One of them, I forget which now (I believe Clifton), had previously worked with the band and filmed them during their spring 1970 American tour. The question is, what city(ies) did they film in and what constitutes the majority of the footage? Is it black and white, color, live, offstage, or what? And secondly, who currently owns the masters, or do they even exist at all?
  16. I think that my link and my pasted info pretty much confirms that B Colby is a real and distinct person. Mystery solved, right Here is one for you.....Peter Clifton and Joe Massot were both hired, seperately and in succession, to film/finish the 1973 footage for TSRTS, filmed during the very last leg of the American 1973 tour....One of them, I forget which now (I believe Clifton), had previously worked with the band and filmed them during their spring 1970 American tour. The question is, what city(ies) did they film in and what constitutes the majority of the footage? Is it black and white, color, live, offstage, or what? And secondly, who currently owns the masters, or do they even exist at all?
  17. http://www.flickr.com/photos/frankzappa/1461452890/ barrington colby artwork Page: Actually, I tend to agree with you. But I do not know if I'm the best judge. Robert and I came up with the design of IV together. Robert had actually bought the print that is on the cover from a junk shop in Reading. We then came up with the idea of having the picture -- the man with the sticks -- represent the old way on a demolished building, with the new way combing up behind it. The illustration on the inside was my idea. It is the Hermit character from the Tarot, a symbol of self- reliance and wisdom, and it was drawn by Barrington Colby. The typeface for the lyrics to Stairway was also my contribution. I found it in a really old arts ad crafts magazine called Studio, which started in the late 1800's. I thought the lettering was so interesting, I got someone to work up a whole alphabet. also: Led Zeppelin I couldn't leave this subject without pointing out that the man in the moon appears to have found his way onto the cover of Led Zeppelin's fourth album. The cover is a painting showing an old man bent under the weight of a large bundle of firewood. I was told that Robert Plant had said that the painting was called "The Hermit", and was by a friend of his called Barrington Colby. I believed that there was a misunderstanding here: because on the reverse of the sleeve, there is another picture of a figure in white holding a lantern, which closely resembles the hermit portrayed on tarot cards. [5]. A few years ago my speculations on this subject were passed on to Barrington Colby, by "Rockhound" from Switzerland, who knows him. The figure in white on the inside cover is Barrington Colby's "Hermit". But as for the man with the bundle of sticks? well a few years later Chad emailed me with a quote from Jimmy Page on the subject: Jimmy Page: "I used to spend a lot of time going to junk shops looking for things that other people might have missed. Robert was on a search with me one time, and we went to this place in Reading where things were just piled up on one another. Robert found the picture of the old man with the sticks and suggested that we work it into our cover somehow. So we decided to contrast the modern skyscraper on the back with the old man with the sticks - you see the destruction of the old, and the new coming forward. 'Our hearts were as much in tune with the old ways as with what was happening, though we weren't always in agreement with the new. But I think the important thing was we were certainly keeping space...if not going beyond it. The inside cover was painted by a friend of mine. It's basically an illustration of a seeker aspiring to the light of truth.'" I LOVE the way that the web allows me to ask strange, questions on obscure topics and get answers from complete strangers! But I still don't know who painted the old man with the bundle of sticks (rather disrespectful of Page and Plant not to credit the artist, on the album sleeve, unless the painting was by that greatest artist, songwriter and poet: Anon :-). And does the picture represent the man in the moon? The answers may be lost in the mists of time, but I have a strange feeling that somebody on the web knows. So if you can shed any more light on the subject, please leave a message in the guestbook
  18. these pics were taken in 1970, positively. I cant believe that everyone here cant see that clearly!
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