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  1. Finally made it back to my LZ home LOL Hope you have a great Friday and weekend...any plans?

  2. My last comment stands--even after I've met you! LOL

    I think the same thing, but I feel more confident in my statement!

  3. Mandy! I didn't see a comment pending for approval from Feb.! lol Thanks, you're so sweet! :~D You're a wonderful lady! XO

  4. Anything containing "clique" or "elitist". Also, that damn "1337" chat speak shit.
  5. That's what my post was referring to.
  6. I think in a live version, he sang "Oh, Georgina", but it's not something a mother would want to hear.
  7. I can't understand how ANYONE thinks this place will flourish without you. Luckily, the people who matter are still blessed with your presence!


  8. Angi!

    You're always such a nice person to talk to!

    I'm glad to be your friend!

  9. I definitely second this! Looking great Otto, & so is the lovely lady!
  10. Hello, beautiful sister! Just wanted to say hi! I've been lagging on My Space big time, LMAO! Love u! XOXO

  11. Hey Ang!

    Finally made it back:-D Hope all is well.



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