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  1. Finally made it back to my LZ home LOL Hope you have a great Friday and weekend...any plans?

  2. My last comment stands--even after I've met you! LOL

    I think the same thing, but I feel more confident in my statement!

  3. Mandy! I didn't see a comment pending for approval from Feb.! lol Thanks, you're so sweet! :~D You're a wonderful lady! XO

  4. Anything containing "clique" or "elitist". Also, that damn "1337" chat speak shit.
  5. That's what my post was referring to.
  6. I think in a live version, he sang "Oh, Georgina", but it's not something a mother would want to hear.
  7. I can't understand how ANYONE thinks this place will flourish without you. Luckily, the people who matter are still blessed with your presence!


  8. Bless their souls. I'm sure they're in a better place now.
  9. Seems that if you've made good friends online, & you stick up for them when they're getting shit hurled at them, you are labeled as some one in a clique.....or a troll. Same here.
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