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  1. Mandy! I didn't see a comment pending for approval from Feb.! lol Thanks, you're so sweet! :~D You're a wonderful lady! XO

  2. Anything containing "clique" or "elitist". Also, that damn "1337" chat speak shit.
  3. That's what my post was referring to.
  4. I think in a live version, he sang "Oh, Georgina", but it's not something a mother would want to hear.
  5. I can't understand how ANYONE thinks this place will flourish without you. Luckily, the people who matter are still blessed with your presence!


  6. I definitely second this! Looking great Otto, & so is the lovely lady!
  7. Thanks everyone! We didn't plan to match or anything, but I thought it was cool we did. Awww! Nic, you're too damn adorable! Thank you! I absolutely love it! Love it even more since it was on sale. Awww. (Damn smilie limit! )
  8. He'll be back soon. It's alright.
  9. It's dirty right now. Good to hear. Great to hear Celia!
  10. We're doing ok. It's coming along alright. How are you??
  11. I'm here!!! How are you Celia??
  12. It could be that she's just afraid. She's only been around one other cat in her life, which was her sister...who beat her up.
  13. I think it's because she's fixed. She wants nothing to do with him.
  14. Oh, I love animals. Here's Schnooky, in the pantry. & we have a new kitty...sort of. This cat lives next door, but comes over every day. Schnooky hates him. (^ I love that photo!)
  15. Hey now, you look wonderful!!! As does everyone else.
  16. Thanks for all of your hard work. :-)

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